We got in touch with the beautiful soul, Leila – Mummy behind The Single Mum Diaries to answer all things from support, style to her fave get-up-and-dance song! Read more below <3 xo

1. When you couldn’t find the support you needed, what were the first steps you took to create your blog and the lovely support hub that you it now is?
I just started writing about everything I was feeling and going through, I saved it to a word document and sent it to a few friends and my sisters to look over and they said that I should definitely look into posting it online for other women in my situation.
I had no idea where to start to create a blog and I didn’t know how to grow an Instagram when I was looking to share my innermost thoughts and personal experiences. It was a process building it from the ground up but I am so glad that I did and I managed to do it all on my own which makes me really proud of what I have achieved. Google is a powerful tool haha..

2. Enlighten us with your lovely words for any mummas out there going through a rough patch.
So many women come to me that are going through a rough phase in their life, I think we need to remember to be kind to ourselves when going through hard times. I believe that hard times in life are a necessary part of growth, you can really transform your life by looking at the rough phase as a beautiful chance to evolve and grow within yourself and your life. I truly believe that the moment I started to look for the lessons in this experience is the moment that the magic started and I began to see a huge shift happen within not only myself but the rest of my life. Self exploration and awareness is the most beautiful thing when you are going through a big life change, sometimes it takes a little while to get to that point but the end result is so incredibly worth it.

3. Describe your go-to style!
I am a jeans and white tee girl through and through, I prefer the girl next door kinda look in my day to day life. But I really love stepping it up and wearing really elegant looks when it is a special occasion. I love the less is more motto in every area of my life and I definitely live by that when it comes to styling my looks.

4. Your favourite place to travel to/have a little adventure with your little one?
I love taking my daughter to my soul place “Dreamtime beach” in Fingal Head, I grew up down at that end of the Coast so I really need to get back there regularly to reconnect with myself and its such a special thing to be able to give my daughter the same love for that beautiful place. It really is a magical beach, there are dolphins, whales, turtles and so many birds – it really has a piece of my heart.

5. How did you decide on the gorgeous name of ‘Ever’ for your precious daughter?
Ever’s name was thought up from a few different things but I really love the scene in sex and the city when Carrie and Big are in bed reading with one another and Carrie is reading from a book called “Love Letters from Great Men” and she reads a letter aloud from Beethoven entitled “Immortal Beloved” and I thought it was just beautiful the way she said “Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours” and so the name Ever was born.

6. A song that makes you want to get up and dance?
I love hip hop, and Ever as a new born while driving with me was only soothed by listening to Drake, the weekend, or Bryson Tiller. My favourite get up and dance song at the moment is “New Boyz Freak my Shit” I am always dancing in the mirror to that one although it is a little too gangster for most of my friends hahaha.

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