We know you have a background in PR and marketing, what inspired your transition to the mega-mid behind I Heart Bargains?

Plainly and simply, I had a baby and my wage wasn’t what it used to be in the land of corporate PR. I still wanted to look cool so I began taking snaps of bargains wherever I would go and the blog was born from a mother’s group meeting….where one mum asked me to send her everything I was finding in an email and another girl said ‘why don’t you start one of those blogs?’ That was nearly 6 years ago. My inspiration was led from being quite restricted in corporate roles. I had always adored writing and sourcing luxe looking items without the price tag, so it was only a matter of time before I started my own thing. It just shows you can absolutely have a corporate job but work on something on the side and it can then be more of a success that what you started with.

What are some of your biggest tips and tricks for those hunting for a good bargain?
Shop the sales racks, before going to the full price section (that goes for in-store or online). You may just find what you’re looking for in the sale section, first. If you’re not in love with it, don’t buy it. Wish I could live by this one however it’s tough! But that means that every time you open your wardrobe you love the options and you will find you get dressed faster. My other tip is WAIT. I hold off on purchasing things (especially if they’re a bit more unusual) because I know they won’t sell out and the price will drop. The other tip is e-newsletters – brands like Seed and Country Road have legit sales with decent discounts – get on their mailing list so you purchase garments at that time!

Your style is always so on point. Who, or what, would you say inspires your style the most? 
Quite honestly, I don’t look to many other places for inspiration apart from Instagram fashion bloggers. I am on there so frequently that Im always picking up little things. However everything you see is my personal style. If I feel confident in it and I love it, it typically sells like hot cakes.

What are some of your absolutely favourite holy grail bargain finds you’ve uncovered in your travels so far?
I purchased a $900 Scanlan dress for under $70 at the latest Eastland Boxing Day sale. Best find ever. And the quality!!! Oh. So amazing. I’ve also been privy to a few incredible sass and bide sales….but honestly, I find hot bargains EVERY single day I shop….it’s like they gravitate to me! Haha.

As a mother of two and an Instagram following of over 80K, how do you manage working from home, being a mum and still find time for yourself? 
I don’t sugar coat it for other women out there reading this. I do not do it alone. For the first two years I had minimal care for my boy Jude, but now I have a nanny a couple of days a week which I have paid for since day dot (that part was very important for me) and I have a husband like no other. He holds me up when I’m running from job to job. He gets what I do and he takes the kids a lot….I am very fortunate and without him, I wouldn’t have been able to build what I have. I have some very key people that are close to me that help build my content and they’re all friends from years gone by so I have a very amazing team around me. I also hired an assistant this year, so I can just focus on larger style projects and my own bargain content which has helped immensely.


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