I have been insta crushing on this gorgeous lady for what feels like forever now!! I remember when I first came across her account after she had just had Lexi & I really resonated with her message and what she was about- which has lead to me being able to now feature her as a blogger we love!!! 

I was super excited when she agreed to be our feature for this month and couldn't wait to read her answers to our burning questions! This gorgeous lady has just wrapped up her 'Purpose' tour & an absolute MUST FOLLOW, she is honest and speaks about many of the things we might sometimes think we cannot. Make sure you scroll on down to read our interview with Revie. 

You have just wrapped up your ‘Purpose’ tour, firstly congratulations on such a huge achievement!!! I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Melbourne event and it was such a wonderful day and was so great to hear more of your story! What was your favorite part of the entire tour & do you have any plans for any more in the future?

Thank you, there was so much love, time, money and hard work that went into the speaking tour and I think I will always look back to those months of my life, carting around a 3 year old and a 7 month old and think “Wow, did that actually happen?” and feel a great sense of pride. While I was going through it, I don't think I had the time to really let the feelings sink in, I didn’t know that 20 people would show up let alone 200-400 people per city. I had never run an event to that scale before, with the help of my amazing assistant Kaeré, we tackled one (or 10) tasks at a time. There were so many moving pieces to the tour and we had to work long days and crazy hours to pull it off.

My favorite part was meeting my community and hearing bits about their stories and how my sharing online has impacted them. It’s so beautiful reading messages, but nothing compares to being able to give someone you care about a hug and that’s what I had the privilege of doing. I have my community to thank for so much, so it was the greatest feeling getting to put on a big day for them. We have set no plans to go on another tour stop any time soon, but I would love more opportunities to speak and meet my community.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now; where would it be and why?


Santorini and the little towns and villages surrounding have been on my bucket list since I was a teenager. One of my favorite things to do is to sit and watch the sunrise or set. There is something magical about greeting the day or showing gratitude to the day that’s been with the sun. It sets my soul alight and from anything I’ve seen, Greece has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Plus those beautiful white buildings and the stone tiled pathways, there’s just something about that place that calls me.

I know from following you that health and fitness is something that is very important to you, how do you find time to make sure you fit this into your daily life?

For me fitness isn’t about being able to put on a gun show or achieving a small waist, I realized early in life that it was a form of therapy for me. It relieves me of intense anxiety I may be feeling and has helped me gain self-confidence and respect. In many ways, I’ve looked back and come to understand that fitness was the bridge for me to discover self-love.

Noticing the effects of my anxiety and self-love when I don’t train, I made a conscious decision to make fitness a priority in my life. I make it a non-negotiable as part of my wellness contract. Something that I have signed up to, in order to be at my best mentally, for myself and my family. My expectations that I set are always realistic and flexible with my lifestyle at the time.

For example, after just having a Bub, I wanted to achieve 3-4 bodyweight sessions per week, for a minimum of 15 minutes a session. However, now I have a little more flexibility (and more sleep ha!) I attempt 4-5 sessions per week 30 - 60 minutes per session.

I also don’t look at training to punish my body, but to nurture it. To make it strong, fit and healthy. Not every session has to be 100% but by just showing up day in and day out, you will see the benefits of moving your body; mentally, physically and emotionally.

What inspired you to start sharing your thoughts, experiences, and tips online? Looking back now, is there anything you would change?

I am a natural over-sharer, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am inspired to share the bad times just as much as the good times because I know it will help someone somewhere feel less isolated or less inadequate. So to me, there is passion and purpose behind what I share. When it became a form of income, I have tried to maintain my values and authenticity by only taking on brands I genuinely love and would spend my own hard-earned money on. Now it has become my career; I consider myself so blessed that it is even an option and that I get to share my love and insights with people globally every day.

As for going back and changing anything, not really. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow and that’s how I’ve used all of my stumbles. We are all human, we make mistakes it’s really about what we do from that experience, that shapes who we are.

Your two girls are absolutely gorgeous! How did you find the jump from having no children to one little one and then the jump from one to two?

Oh, I could just EAT THEM! The transition to becoming a mother was life-changing. We are reborn into a new life, new priorities, new depths of love and a new sense of purpose. It’s both magical and incredibly challenging. Nothing can prepare you for it but I absolutely loved becoming a mama. I found the baby stuff easier than the toddler stuff, which I have found most of my friends the opposite.

I found the most difficult part of 1 to 2 kids, is the fact that I desperately missed being present for Lexi (firstborn) I wanted to be the active mama I always was for her, when she asked me to play with her during my last month of pregnancy and I just couldn’t, I felt terrible; the #mumguilt was real. The period of time I wasn’t available to Lexi as much, continued as I had a C-Section for Lo which meant for the first few weeks at least, I wasn’t able to be as active and play that engaged role as I did before. My husband Clay really took the reins from me, I wouldn’t have been able to get through those times without his help.

I hadn’t seen or heard many mama’s struggle with this so I felt alone but after speaking about it on socials, it turned out that it was quite common. It was reassuring to hear so many mama’s explain that in due time, you can reconnect with your firstborn and in fact, they do NOT resent you for their sibling for the rest of their life, (which I had convinced myself she would definitely do.)

Instead, I gifted Lexi a baby sister that she absolutely adores. After a few months, I was back to mama bear, throwing her around and picking her up to give her a big bear hug, just with another little mate in tow. My greatest honor in life is being their mother. Despite all of the challenges being a mama is, you just wouldn’t change it, because all the hard parts are what makes the good parts so worth it.

With such a strong community and following on Instagram do you have any tips for our readers on how to increase your engagement and reach of your account & how you have managed to create such a strong community?

I have so many questions in this space and I think people assume influencers have a secret formula and it’s an overnight thing. It’s not. It takes time, hard work, failing epically and publicly and then learning from it. It’s YEARS of creative energy and vulnerable thoughts and being painfully, authentically yourself and over time you find your tribe and it’s epic. I love my people, they really have my back and they really accept me as I am (flaws, meltdowns and all) which brings me to my biggest piece of advice for people starting out in this space.

Be yourself. Sounds cliché, I know, but it’s the truth. The space is saturated with people trying to make it. Your biggest weapon is that there is no one you-er than you. We shine brightest when we are speaking from the heart and people will be drawn to you when you are your truest self. 

Then, be consistent. Choose the stuff that you are passionate about. Share your thoughts on it. Be consistent with your postings and don’t sweat the numbers. Be yourself, be consistent and don’t worry about the naysayers!

You and your husband Clay, have been together for quite a few years now? What do you find best keeps the spark alive?

I think we try to make the mundane, everyday stuff fun. We try to make each other laugh because if we didn’t we would probably cry (and there have been many of those occasions.)

We make sure (well, I make sure) that we go on date nights. Sometimes it feels like we have to relearn how to actually communicate with each other, without it being to coordinate the kids or work stuff. After the first awkward 30 minutes, we remember why we are actually compatible. Sometimes I even say “Hey I really like you!”

And we have the hard conversations, the stuff that makes uncomfortable. Because it helps us work through and come out stronger than before.

If the world was ending what would your last meal have to be?

Chicken Ramen Soup. Or a pepperoni pizza.

What’s it like BEING Revie Jane? What’s the biggest misconception you find people have about you?

I don’t know how to answer this haha! I am the most average person! Just driven and passionate about growth, helping others by being vulnerable about my truth and understanding how to be more content within myself.

I asked this question to Kaeré (my assistant who’s sitting next to me) and she says, people mostly ask “is she what she’s like on camera?” And she usually replies “Yeah, that's what is cool about being able to work with her, because she actually is who she seems to be on screen.’ “That’s why you’re relatable.”

Anyway, this question is making me uncomfortable so... Next! Haha!

What’s next for Revie Jane?

It’s top secret! But it’s pretty bloody exciting. Watch this space!

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