I have been following along with and crushing on the gorgeous Krystal for what feels like forever!!! I remember when I first came across her account many months ago and she very quickly made it into my must check on accounts each and every day, not only for her gorgeous home interiors, handy mumma tips and tricks but most of all for her gorgeous dancing family.  

To say I was super excited when Krystal agreed to be our feature for this month is an understatement! This gorgeous Mumma is, in my opinion, an absolute MUST FOLLOW, She is honest, funny and Disney enthusiast (which is a huge tick in my books) & a fabulous Mumma to three beautiful little ones. Scroll on down to read our interview with the gorgeous Krystal.

What is your favorite quote?

'Have Courage and Be Kind...'

If you can dream it, you can do it... Walt Disney,


What inspired you to start sharing your thoughts, experiences, and tips online? Looking back now, is there anything you would change?

I remember I had just painted Viennas room and styled it up nicely with some cute pieces from small businesses I had found on Instagram and I took a pic on my phone and thought, Yeah that looks good I’m going to post that to my Instagram lol which was private account with 200 followers at the time. It all started from there, some of the small businesses I had brought from wanted to share my images and I got such a kick out of them loving my images that it sparked a love of styling and photography and so on and so forth!

Looking back, no I wouldn’t change anything I have shared.


Three things that make you happy?

My Family, MUSIC and a big bowl of freshly made pasta.


With such a strong community and following on Instagram do you have any tips for our readers on how to increase your engagement and reach of your account & how you have managed to create such a strong community?

Oh, I have no idea but if you figure out the crazy doings of Instagram please let me know J no, seriously I try to be as REAL as I can. I comment on things that I actually have something to comment on. I stay away from FORCED engagement and just try to be me!

I think (well would like to believe) that people can relate to me and enjoy the content I put out there. Especially the dancing ;) My feed is pretty and curated but believe me my life isn’t always like that and I really try to share both sides of the story on my Instagram and hope that my followers like my honestly J


What's a big mistake you think beginner bloggers should avoid?

Creating an untrue image that they can’t keep u for the long haul!


What are your three favorite movies? 

This is the hardest question because I love so so many movies but the ones that come to mind are: Jurassic world, Saving Mr. Banks, Remember the Titans.


When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to shift your mood and make yourself feel better

Dance... Always. 


Do you have any advice for any young mothers out there who are thinking about sharing their own thoughts and experiences online?

If you feel like its something you want to do then for sure do it! If you are true to yourself and your own experiences then you can’t go wrong.


I have been following along with your home styling for a while now! What tips can you give our readers about styling a room, maybe a starting point and how it all comes together from there?

I always start with one piece that I love and everything goes from there. So, for example, a rug or piece of art, or wallpaper (love me some wallpaper J).. Once I find something I love I generally base everything else around that, which helps a lot with colors and design choices. 


Favorite pages on the gram?

My faves change all the time...

I love @krista.horton  (family goals)

@seewantshop (travel goals)

@chloejade_story (fashion inspo)


With social media comes negative and positive; how do you overcome these obstacles?

Ahh, it's tough. I recently read some things online about myself and my family and it actually affected me more than I’d like to admit. The best thing to do is IGNORE, DON’T READ them... Everyone will have a different opinion about you, what you do etc.. you can’t please everyone and you DON’T have to.. you have to love and respect yourself and that is all that matters.


All of your little ones are absolutely adorable! What is your favorite place to holiday with your tribe and why?

Thank you so much, a Favourite holiday would have to be LA/Disneyland.. although we haven’t been since Avery joined our pack. Also Bali! You cannot go wrong with BALI! I am in the process of finishing my Bali blog, soon I SWEAR!


What is your pet peeve?

Hmmm, I cannot stand whinging hahaha like when the kids make those whingey noises omg drives me bonkers!


You lead a very busy life- in-between parenting, working and everything else what is your go-to tip for finding time to spend with your partner?

I guess you have to make time. We used to make time for the two of us quite regularly however since we had the third baby it has proven to be much harder and I think that’s because getting someone to look after 3 children is a tougher job! We are slowly finding our groove. We did go to the movies just the two of us a couple of weeks back and it was bliss!


 What is your go-to guilty pleasure food and/or meal? If you want to, please share a recipe you may have?

Pizza, pasta… ahhh I’m getting hungry just thinking about it...

Also, random, but I cannot make a cake without eating the mixture J

I do make a mean pizza dough with just two ingredients, Greek yogurt, and plain flour!! YUMMM


 What’s next for you & House of Harvee? 

I hope to continue to grow and reach/inspire other mothers/ women near and far ;)

I really would love to meet more of my followers and get the opportunity to chat with them and hear about them and their families.

Definitely more travel for myself and my family!

Plus some more styling, I still have some rooms in my house that need some love and attention so I’m excited to get stuck into those!


Please be sure to head on over and give Krystal some love & follow along with her journey xo