We receive so many love letters that we sometimes can’t keep up babe. So we have curated the most popular questions and answered them for you below.


Shipping —— what are the shipping times, how long does it take to ship an item, where is my order?

We know it’s super exciting when you order cute stuff for your little loves. But it does take time to get to you —  handling, shipping and delivery times vary depending on the type of product. We suggest you see here our estimated shipping times (link to SHIPPING PAGE) P.S was your item a pre-order? If so see here .


What size should I buy for my child? 

Congrats on choosing the cutest shoes EVER for your little love, sizing is super important so we suggest you go hereand download our PDF measuring chart.


What is a pre-sale item? 

OoOoo pre-sales are great (and awfully cute) but they are items that are not in stock yet.

By purchasing a pre-sale item you are pre-securing your size/colour in a new or restocked design. We heavily suggest you read the product description of the pre-sale product for the estimated delivery date. Please note, these shipping dates can change due to manufacturer and shipping complications.

By purchasing a pre-sale item you are securing yourself a pair before they arrive (as they have a tendency to sell out). Please make sure you check and agree to all the shipping timeframes and dates before purchasing the item.


Do you design all of your products? 

Yes absolutely, it’s all Australian designed in house! We spend a lot of time on product development including colours, shapes and sizes to ensure we always deliver the cutest, fashion forward accessories for your little loves from top to toe.


What are your products made of? 

Our products are made of 100% leather – with the soles being glued on (if they are hard sole). All of our shoes are ethically sourced and made.


Do you have hard sole shoes? 

We are really excited to say YES some of our popular designs have recently been released in a 3-4year old hard sole.


Why are most of your shoes soft soled? 

All of our shoes are ‘soft soled’ up until the age of 3 years. We have designed them to be this way as it is recommended* that children wear soft soled shoes until that age to promote natural foot development. Most of our shoes will have the same type of leather used on the top part of the shoe as the bottom. Our sandals do have a leather sole with grip pads sewn into them.

*Unless you have been medically advised otherwise.


Can I buy your product as a wholesaler for my shop/store?

We’d love to hear from you, simply visit our wholesale page hereand follow the instructions.

If your question isn’t answered here babe simply click hereto contact us