We were lucky enough to sit down and catch up with the gorgeous Mum behind the Instagram page @bybrittanynoonan to find out more about her life as a busy Mum to two beautiful girls & to chat all things Instagram, fitness, and self-care. 

I have loved following your journey of health and fitness! You are so inspirational- what advice would you give to a Mum that’s just had a baby and wants to get back into their health and fitness?

My advice would be to be patient and take it slow and steady. Your body has been through an incredible journey of growth, challenge, and change – it’s basically been on a marathon for the last 9 months so be kind and gentle. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to have to “bounce back” or fit into your pre-baby clothing just allow yourself to spend time with your beautiful baby first, establish breastfeeding and recover properly. When it is time for you to return (minimum 6 – 8 weeks post baby) make sure you get assessed by a women’s health physio and not just your GP or OB to return to exercise as they will check your pelvic floor strength and abdominals for separation and prescribe correct exercise for you and your body. I would also recommend seeing a postnatal fitness trainer rather than just jumping straight back into regular classes or exercise.


I know that health and fitness is something that is very important to you, how do you find time to make sure you fit this into your daily life?

As corny as it sounds I don’t have time, I make time as its so important for my mental health to move my body most days. It doesn’t always happen but I try my best to get at least 30-45 minutes in. Some days I go to the gym, other days I work out at home in my lounge room or garage while Remi naps or plays on the floor and other days I can only manage a walk with the girls in the pram but all of these things are enough and help me to keep my mind clear and manage my anxiety. I just make an appointment with myself and show up, if I don’t I know I won’t feel so good so I make myself.

What inspired you to start journaling your thoughts, experiences, and tips online? Looking back now, is there anything you would change?

I started out because I saw a big gap in the social media world for safe and practical advice for pregnancy and postnatal fitness. I was sick of seeing so many dangerous and damaging things being promoted for women exercising before, during and after pregnancy and wanted to share my knowledge to help women see they don’t need to smash their bodies (and destroy their pelvic floor in the process), starve themselves and compare themselves to others before, during pregnancy, or after pregnancy. I just wanted and still do want women to know that “bouncing back” is not the most important thing, but that loving yourself, respecting the journey of pregnancy and postpartum and the body that allows you to bring life into the world is more important. From there I started openly speaking about my mental health and body image struggles, my hyperemesis pregnancy experience and also general motherhood challenges and realized people were relating to me on these topics too. I really never expected it to become what it has today but I couldn’t be more proud of my community, every day I am able to help women all over the world just simply by being me, through an app and my website and I am so humbled by that but also blown away. It has really given me purpose and in helping others they have also helped me in so many ways Ill forever be grateful for.

If I could change anything it would only to not compare myself so much to others. It’s very hard in this space of beautifully curated feeds and what seem to be picture perfect lives to not get caught up thinking you’re not good enough or not talented enough. Now I when I find myself doing this I stop and remind myself what MY PURPOSE in this is and what I bring to this space and what I want to achieve and that’s simply just to help others, help them feel less alone and I know I can and do.

   As a mother, wife, and owner of a hugely popular blog, it is difficult to find balance and still make time for yourself?

Yes, I think all of us Mums do, right? It’s certainly something I have struggled with. I’m forever giving so much of myself that often I forget to take on board the advice I give out to others and implement it into my own life.

Do you have any advice for any young mother’s out there who are thinking about sharing their own thoughts and experiences online?

Do it! But make sure you do it because it serves a purpose beyond the number of followers or likes you get even if for you that purpose is because you love taking photos of your kids and get enjoyment out of that. Have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously to start with, don’t be competitive and above all do not compare yourself to others – there is so much space for us all online, there really is.

   Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous! How did you find the jump from one to two?

Aww thanks, they are pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself! I'm a very lucky mama.
So much better and easier than expected to be honest. Remi has been a dream. This time around I have done things my own way. I’ve held her more, fed her on demand and fed to sleep, we have no set routines and I do whatever I think is best not what the books say and I can tell you it has made me such a more carefree, happier mum and has helped Remi thrive. Remi is a complete chiller everyone who meets her just can’t believe how happy she is all the time and I’m so grateful for her. What I have found most challenging is accepting I can’t do it all now that I have two humans depending on me. I often miss deadlines, have to turn down opportunities with work and honestly struggle to keep up with emails and housework which can send my anxiety into overdrive but it’s something I’m working on daily.

If the world was ending what would your last meal have to be?

Antipasto board, pizza, and a great glass of wine – I’m a true Italian at heart.
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