We were lucky enough this month to sit down with the beautiful Rebecca Little, the beautiful & very busy Mumma to her little girls Charlotte and twins Florence & Penelope. Keep scrolling down to learn a little bit more about this gorgeous mumma!

1.     You are a busy mumma bear to three beautiful little girls how do you manage your time with all three kids in tow (especially with the twins), do you have any tips for new twin mummas out there?

Ohhh Thank you, Meagan, you are the SWEETEST EVER! We have adjusted very well now into somewhat of a routine! It's a very busy LITTLE bubble we have going on here with these three little ladies. The busy life gives me a rush. I actually think I like being kept on my toes these days! This probably comes as no surprise to a lot of people, but I am very organized. I'm the type of gal that can't go to bed unless the house is cleaned and my inbox is empty. OCD dreams are made of these. I'm running on a theory that if have a clean house and my Mt Everest washing pile is up-to-date... I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way!

My husband is also the same, he is DEFINITELY the reason why most days run smoothly. Dion is not only my biggest help but also my number one support.  My biggest tip for a new Mama, whether you have 1, 2, 3 or 4 babes.. whatever you're doing be practical and don't ever be afraid to say no. There is such a huge adjustment phase for new Mums's and advice is handed out left, right and center (usually by strangers!) SO go with your heart and what works for you!  

2.     I have read quite a bit about your success with the Childs Farm creams and bath washes with your eldest Charlotte! Can you tell us a little more about her journey with eczema and this new treatment she is using?

We have had a ridiculous amount of success with Childs Farm. It stumbled into our lives roughly six months ago and we haven't looked back. Charlotte was born with Eczema, her skin had red blotchy patches from the day she arrived. Her eczema continued to get worse and intensified by the age of 1, which was when she learned how to scratch.. and by scratch I mean rip! We tried everything that was available on the market and attended what seemed like a million GP and Paediatric appointments. We eventually turned into those parents that monitored everything from diet, temperature, clothing materials, nail length, detergents, and even environment. Her skin continued to worsen.. and I wasn't getting any answers.

I was SO passionate about finding a solution! It eventuated in two and a half years of lengthy hospital stays, bleach baths, wet dressings, and steroids - far too many steroids. THEN this little hero product made its way in our lives - her skin is now soft, glowing and finally free of infection! I understand that there will probably never be a cure for Eczema but it really has changed her life and ultimately she is a HAPPIER little lady!

3.     Your little lady Charlotte has just started four-year-old kinder this year (same as my little Willow!!) how is she and yourself coping with the transition into kinder?

Eeeeep! Go, Willow and Mummy! Charlotte actually started four-year-old Kinder today. Last year, she attended three-year-old Kinder, it was only a couple of hours a week but I think this helped make the transition a lot easier this year for both Mama and Charlotte. It's a bittersweet moment, sending your little babies off into this BIG world without you. No matter how prepared or strong you are, the tears flow.

This is a huge, definitive moment in their lives.. we have to learn to let go every now and then so that they can develop into their own individual little person. Kinder prepares them for school and then school prepares them for life. I want her to spread her wings, learn until her little heart is content and make those gorgeous little friendships! Note: Charlotte refused to leave Kinder today and I had to carry her out! Haha.

4.     Florence and Penelope your little twin girls are just so delicious! I’ve seen you have quite great success with their sleeping overnight, do you have any tips or tricks for any sleep deprived mummas out there?

Floss and Pops are dream babies - touch wood! We have taken a very calm approach and I think this ultimately rubs off onto the babes. That being said, I know some Mama's deal with the nightmare newborn issues such as colic and reflux - I know that this can play a huge factor in sleeping! Whilst I was pregnant with the Twins, I loaded up on all the sleeping goodies and gadgets.. I just knew that I would not function if I had babies that didn't sleep.

Their last bottle of the day is a formula bottle and this is usually their biggest feed of the day. They go down at 7pm after big snuggles and sleep through to 8am. My top five essentials would be: The Coccoonaby Coccoon (used from newborn to 4 months), Love to Dream Swaddles, The Glowdreaming, Little Bairn Sleepy Time Nursery Spray and the Project Nursery Projector (from CNP Baby).  

5.     What is your five staples must-have items in your wardrobe for a busy mumma?

Ooooooh, I love clothes. Everybody who knows me, knows that I am not a hoarder... but when it comes to clothes it's a whole different ball game. 5 staples, okay let's do this - Harem Pants - comfort is absolutely key, Activewear Leggings - even if you're not working out it makes you feel like you've at least considered being healthy, Leather Jacket - this can jazz up any outfit, Maxi Dresses - again the comfort factor  AND those comfy slides from F&F (Wink, Wink!) 

6.     What is your favorite go-to date night with hubby Dion?

We don't get to do date nights very often since the Twins have arrival! Sometimes when all the girls are asleep in bed... we will grab a picnic rug, head outside with some dessert and drinks and lay under the stars!

My ultimate date night would be an early dinner with wine, a movie at the cinemas and a night in a hotel with room service - AND bedtime would definitely be before 8 pm! THAT IS LIVIN'!    

7.      I just recently saw that you're off on a mummy trip to Sydney with the gorgeous Cat! What have you girls got planned for your time there! Are you looking forward to it?

We are SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it. Cat and I are insta-soulmates. Her son Miguel was born the day before the TWINS. We have totally arranged marriage with either one of the Twins already. We rarely get a chance to be childfree. And if we are childfree, it's usually only for a couple of hours then straight back into Mumlife! We are off to an event for one of our favorite baby brands, Tommee Tippee!

Whilst we are there we are hoping to catch up with some interstate Mama's, explore the Sydney sights (Bondi Lifesaver's we're coming for you!), experience some of Sydney's fancy restaurants #ilovefood, squeeze in a little bit of shopping and well, there is always time for a bubbly right?! ALWAYS! X