I was lucky enough to catch up this month with the gorgeous Chelsea from 'I Heart Bargains' who's gorgeous Instagram account has me shopping up an online storm everytime I check out her latest tips, tricks, and amazing finds. 

Firstly, Thank-you so much for being our November feature!!! I just love your feed and all of your awesome bargains you find!! Could you tell our readers why/how you started I Heart Bargains?

I think like many women, I had a baby and decided to try something new. My background is PR / Marketing for major brands so I thought it was about time to market myself in something different. IHB was born out of a need to still look cool but not spend the big bucks. For two years straight I blogged 3-4 products and posts a night. I was relentless in my pursuit to build a community of loyal women, who loved to shop.

Coming into Christmas can you share with us your top three tips for managing a budget and Christmas Shopping?

Shop the sale rack first, or the sale section of a website. Never know what you might find there. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. And lastly, don’t go crazy buying for yourself. It’s a sure-fire way to blow your budget…. even though you want everything in sight.

I just love your style!! Can you give our readers your top five staple pieces for a good wardrobe? 

I hate to say it, but its true, a black blazer with gold hardware/buttons. Nicely fitting denim jeans (preferably with a couple of rips. Good, printed tees with enough length to tuck or wear out. A floral jumpsuit – love them for this summer. A white linen shirt.

Leading up to the silly season what will you be doing to try and keep it as organized as possible? 

It’s not. That’s a myth. Can’t possibly keep it together because it’s a key retail time for my business and client what content flowing for their customers. I am out most nights, covering events, launches and VIP day sales. Balance is a myth. Just make sure you get a couple of minutes to breathe, without anyone near you. I mean deep breaths. I also opt out of social media by 9 pm and pick up a book instead…if I can. Help me sleep. Magnesium also a good thing to start in the silly season. Google it. The effects are amazing and powers you through.

What is your favorite thing to do with your gorgeous family for some downtime? 

Hang at the beach in Blairgowrie and physically being off my phone (I’ll try!). I love just hanging with them, reading a good book and actually responding to their questions to want to play! 

If you had $1000 to spend in one store what shop would you be heading to and why? 

Good question. I would split between stores. There’s no way I’d spend all in one go either. I love Charles and Keith for accessories. Francesca for fine jewelry. Zara, I could go to town in. Target for their linen. Jeans west for my denim. Have I reached my limit yet

I’m really enjoying seeing all of your styling tips for the home lately, what're your best three tips on styling a home on a budget? 

I think getting your bigger items (quality) at a good price is the way to go. Then your décor can be from anywhere and everywhere. You can actually pick up decent sized rugs and couches, for example for super cheap and no one would know. Take inspiration from mags like real living. And implement particular styles. Utilize color on walls as well, only one room of my house is plain white. And I adore it. A coat of paint can change the whole mood and look and that doesn’t have to be expensive.
I was told by a top interior designer once that styling your home should be a journey, not a race. If you fill it with things straight away (like a display home) it won’t feel like yours. It needs to feel like a home so build slowly and collect things from your travels, experiences, and friends…. then everything tells a story.

Lastly a bit of a fun one, what is your ideal date night?

I’m going tonight! Back to where my husband proposed to me for my 8th wedding anniversary. Café E Cucina in Chapel Street South Yarra. We will sit on a tiny balcony and have copious amounts of past and some wine. We’re old school and just love talking without being interrupted. Maybe see a movie (a star is born and bohemian rhapsody are EPIC).

You can keep up with Chelsea and her latest finds by clicking the icons below xo