We got in touch with the amazing Kim from Captain + Co – Australian Mum Blogger who keeps it real (seriously though!) and supports the movers, makers and shakers! Read on & be sure to check out her blog here xo


1 . How did Captain + Co transition into the lifestyle / small biz / mum blog that it is today?
I loved having a small business, but it all became a little overwhelming. So I shut up shop. But still needed something. Something for me. And I wanted to support small businesses along the way. So the blog began!

2 . We love that you support so many babes in the business! Any tip/tricks for fellow mum bosses running small business in times of cray cray?
Take a breath. Step back. It’s ok to log off social media occasionally. It’s ok to take the weekend off. Remember to enjoy the ride. Love the journey. Stay true to yourself. And always keep it kind.

3. A special talent you have and something you are terrible at?
I have ridiculously good aim. Can throw something from anywhere and always hit the target. Basketball, netball, pool. You name it. I don’t even try. It just always works. As for something terrible. The list is long. But mostly. Dancing. I am terrible. I love to dance. And know I can not. I dance worse than Elaine from Seinfeld. But I am totally ok with that.

4. We hear you’re an active wear aficionado… What is your all time favourite way to get active?
I am a NIKE girl all the way. Generally all black too. They say it’s slimming right?! I’ll admit. I am not overly active. Most of my active wearing days don’t involve any exercise. But I do love a good walk with my girls. I used to LOVE to swim. And am MAD for Bikram Yoga. Bending like a sweaty pretzel in a hot box is my thing. Heck yes.

5. Something that your little ladies so or say that makes you cry from laughter / grin from ear to ear?
At the moment. Everything Freya does makes my heart happy. She is beginning to communicate and her little face lights up now when she says words. The word of the week is LOOK. And always MAMA MUM MUMMY. Mabel on the other hand. Has the sweetest little souls. She loves to whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear. And tells me oh-so many times a day that I am her ‘best friend in the whole wide world’. Heart melting moments.

6. If the world was ending, your last meal on Earth would HAVE to be?
Yum Cha. Give me all the dumplings. Winning.