We got in touch with the beautiful, Mel Watts – the mumma behind the Modern Mum to answer all things from support, how she unwinds, and how her kids are adjusting to the life with a new bub xo


What made you think about starting the blog back in 2014, did you ever think it would get as big as it is today?

I remember ceasing my employment as a nurse and I just felt like I needed an outlet somewhere that I could express how I was feeling. I was hoping that if I made one person feel as though they aren’t alone then I’d be happy. I didn’t even know blogging was a thing back then. There weren’t many around that I had known of. It was a lot different to how it is today.

Since the arrival of bub number four in June, massive congratulations, by the way, have you noticed a change in your other three kids? Are they all gung-ho when it comes to helping out?

Thank you! All of the kids have shifted roles again. I feel as though they all embark on this new journey and their roles all shift. Mostly Indie’s life took a massive shift earlier as she was no longer the baby of the household. It’s Ivie though that has played on it. She wants to help all the time but also wants to be the centre of attention. Indie tries to help and Ayden he’s always been amazing at helping us out.

During those rare “me time” moments, what is your number one go-to treat for yourself?
I’ve been a lady of luxury these last few weeks. Which I NEVER normally have. I’ve had events and appearances etc so I’ve been making sure I’m looking the best I can. But my number one thing I love is having my hair washed and blow dried. I have more hair than Beyonce – it’s so thick and half way between frizzy to straight. It takes me 2.5 hours to wash and dry by myself.

We love how open you are with what goes on in your house and the less glamorous and real side of parenting. What made you like sharing such personal stories to your audience?
I felt like we were all so focused on showing the perfect photos that we forgot that it took us 25 minutes and 1000 photos to get that one photo. I wanted to show people that in all that crazy chaos and burnt toast we’re all doing this together. It’s not always perfect. It’s usually chaotic but it’s our life. I receive so many emails from a woman thanking me for showing the other side to having kids. They felt like they were failing from what it’s assumed parenting to look like. So that’s why I do it.

You’ve been very open with your experience with Perinatal Anxiety, could you tell us a little about your journey and the steps you took to start controlling your anxiety.
Man, it’s been a long journey. It started when I had Ivie, but I never got any help for it; I just fought within my mind. When I had Indie I was at my worst. I couldn’t leave my house, I didn’t want to see my friends. It was getting so bad that I couldn’t even go food shopping. I went and seen my doctor who referred me to a psychologist. It’s been baby steps but I’m feeling good! I still have my days but they’re a lot better now!

Do you have any advice for any mothers who may be struggling with their circumstances? 
Ask for help. I wish I got help sooner. Talk to your doctor or family. I think the one thing I really thought about was if I wasn’t at my best how can I bring up my children to be their best? Asking for help is the first step.


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