This month we were lucky to sit down and catch up with the gorgeous Whitney from 'Champagne Chores' scroll down to read all about this gorgeous Mumma and her little man Mason from NZ.

Firstly, we are so chuffed you were keen to be featured in our EDM!!! We have been watching your stories lately and have seen you just finished up with an F45 Challenge!!! How did you go in the end?!? What was your favourite part of the challenge?!?

 It is an honor to be featured especially with the line-up of beautiful mamas you have previously interviewed I feel very privileged to be alongside such great company.

 I did have indeed finished the 8-week challenge and it was incredible, I lost 5.5kg and lost 4% body fat I am so proud that I stuck with it and I have cut out so many bad habits that I used to do when I was adapting to the fast-paced nature of being a mama and not having as much time for yourself. Most of all I am mentally so much stronger and my sense of belief that I can achieve whatever personal goals I chose to do whilst being a mum is very reassuring. I definitely struggled to really allow myself to focus on my own goals prior to the challenge and now I know by doing it I am a far better mother, partner, friend etc.
What was your cheat meal of choice once the challenge was finished?
Oh gosh, I am embarrassed to say this but it was dirty bird e.g. KFC finger licking goodness I ordered all the wicked wings because I am a big lover of fried chicken what can I say? Definitely, a savory kind of gal always has been always will be (aside from when old mate red shows up every month uninvited).

Your gorgeous little boy Mason is such a cutie and has some wicked dance moves!!! What is your favourite thing to do with him when you want to spend some special ‘Mummy & Mason’ time together?

Thank you so much he really is such a little lad and has such character that is incredible to watch but also slightly nerve-wracking hahaha. Mason and I love to dance, most people sing to music but we don’t we battle it out.

We just love watching your ‘Cooking with Whitney’ segments!!! What is your go-to dish to whip up in the kitchen?

Thank you so much sometimes I think watching cooking videos can be super painful and boring so I like to add a little lightness and humour because why not. My favourite dish to whip up… that’s a seriously hard question but I would have to say I love to whip up a really good fresh homemade ramen noodle dish. With homemade bone broth, half boiled egg, spring onions, and all the trimmings. I tend to try and eat the good carbohydrates so I usually swap out wheat noodles for rice noodles and add in all the veggies.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, all expenses paid where would it be?

After writing the above question I am tempted to say Japan, however, I think I would actually go with South Africa. My dream would be to take Mason and Sam on a family safari and introduce him to all the animals in the wild. I think this would be life changing for both Mason and myself. I am all about a holiday filled with R&R but I think this is a total bucket list item that I have to do one day.

My biggest babe suffers from Eczema and I have found watching your stories for little tips and tricks has helped so much!! Do you have any special tips for anyone that has themselves got Eczema or has kids with Eczema?

I'm so sorry about your little one suffering from eczema it truly is a very challenging disease because it is so miss understood by the medical industry. Personally, I’ve had eczema my whole life and when I became pregnant I really wanted to give Mason the best chance of not developing it. My number one tip would be healing naturally it will be long and hard but trust me it will change their life. This is done through diet, cut out dairy and gluten. Introduce gut healing foods e.g. bone broths.
 I highly recommend Dr. Karen Fischer “The Eczema Diet Book” it is truly incredible and whenever I am flaring I go back to this diet and it heals.

 Try to make a homemade bone broth in your slow cooker & add it to everything you make for meals during the week.

What is your favourite way to spend a ‘date night’ with your partner Sam?

I am a foodie through and through so honestly I cherish a date night dinner, it doesn’t have to be fancy I’m a happy gal as long as there is good food e.g. a Mexican food cart with all the condiments and a wine I am a happy gal.

Where you live is simply BREATHTAKING!!! Any fav spots in NZ that anyone traveling there must visit!?!?
Thank you I do feel very grateful to live in Queenstown, NZ. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world and I love living here. So obviously my suggestion is Queenstown you would be silly not to come here if you come to NZ it is breath-taking.

Another one of my favourite spots is a place I went to during high school and is actually where I met my now Partner Sam and Mason’s Dad. It’s called Totarauni and it is at the very top of the South Island it is a campsite big in size with no power but it is simply breath-taking beautiful golden sand and boat ride away from private beaches and so many gorgeous walks along the Abel Tasman.
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