When and how did the concept for Mama Body Tea come about? 

    I (Jess S) was a first-time mum to a baby girl that we named Ruby in 2012. My parenting style was holistic and I very much trusted my instinct to understand when and what Ruby needed around the Eat, Play, Sleep routine. 

    At around 3 months with Ruby in our lives, she started to become unsettled especially in the late afternoon and during the night around 1 am. She would be crying in pain, pulling her knees up and very distressed. Something was causing this discomfort and pain, and of course, the question that keeps flashing in my mind was WHY, why is this happening and how can I help this go away!???  

    I was adamant that I didn't want to use a chemical based liquid option to mask Ruby's symptoms, so I consulted my aunty who is a highly regarded naturopath and herbalist of 25 years and a mother of 3 herself.  My Aunty Anne straight away said drink herbal tea to help ease the symptoms with herbs that will help with digestion, inflammation and calming. No chemicals, no additives, just drinking natural therapeutic benefits that will be passed through my milk. She added that this is a safe and therapeutic way to help the body and using herbal tea has been traditionally used for centuries worldwide.
    So together, Anne and I worked on and formulated a herbal tea blend with benefits to settle colic and wind in a baby that was safe and mild in taste. I enjoyed 2-3 cups a daily and the relief Ruby showed was amazing. No more unsettled nights! 
    The short story is that after many chats with my mother's group and girlfriends I realized that almost every one of them was experiencing either a windy, unsettled baby or colic symptoms. I started to share my herbal blend so they could experience the benefits too. After so much positive feedback and them wanting more, I knew I had to share this amazing and natural herbal tea blend for every mum, searching desperately for a natural and effective way to settle their baby. 
    When Ruby was around 6 months old my breastmilk supply began to drop dramatically, I again turned to Anne and together we formulated and I tested a blend to increase my milk supply. After feeling and seeing the increase in my breastmilk, I knew I had some special to share with other breastfeeding mums out there.

    Fast forward to 2015. I paired up with my best friend and mama of 4 gorgeous babies, Jess.O. Together we share a passion for using therapeutic medication, amongst a lot of other things like wine, chocolate, adventure, friends and family. Since launching in 2015, Jess and I with our in-house naturopath Anne have created thirteen herbal tea blends with carefully chosen herbs that are safe and nourishing for women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. Today, our range can be found in Pharmacies, Health food stores, Baby stores and of course our, online store, Mamabodytea.com.au

    How did you both know each other before going into business together?

    Jess and I went to primary school and high school together. Once we turned 19 we bought a combi van together called Doris and we took off for an adventure traveling around Australia. It was such a fun experience with so many unforgettable memories.

    What are both your background/what did you do before you had a family?

    Both of us traveled with our boyfriends globally for many years after our combi trip around Australia.  After some years of traveling we settled down back in Melbourne and started our careers.  

    Jess O's working background is in management. Working in a corporate environment and overseeing large team groups and accounts.
    My working background was hospitality management before studying and starting an interior design company for corporate business' and residential fit outs.

    What do you love most about running your own business?

    Being passionate about what we are creating and working on! 

    What are some of the biggest challenges you face regarding working from home and being a mum?

    Hands down, creating a healthy work/family life balance. Being able to switch off from 'work hat' to 'mum hat' can be a real challenge. 

    What are some of the things you do to combat those challenges?

    At the start of the week, being organized with food prep - dinner meals and snacks prepared for the working/school week. Doesn't always work out that way though :)
    For work, making clear goals for the week ahead.  This way the workload doesn't overwhelm the headspace.

    Where do you hope to see your business in the next five years?

    Jess and I never stop thinking about what's next for Mama Body Tea. We have gone from starting with loose leaf tea blend to now offering convenient Pyramid tea bags. From just selling online to having 150+ Retail Stockists, we are hoping to see this number continue to grow.
    We hope to see new ranges come in soon to expand our range that keeps nourishing and empowering women around the world!

    What do you both like to do when you need some ‘down time’?

    Beach walks, yoga and catching up with our amazing girlfriends and enjoy delicious food and wine together.
    What is your go-to date night with your hubbies?

    Ahhh well, when this happens... not that often! Haha. 
    Firstly, get a babysitter! Then good food, wine, and an uninterrupted conversation! 

    What is your advice for any Mumma’s out there that are thinking about starting up their own business?

    Be strong, back yourself when other's don't and make sure you have a supportive tribe & don't forget to go easy on yourself as growing a business takes time, energy and patience. 

    Just remind yourself ~ You've Got This xx