I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Gemma from Infamous Swim a few months ago when she very kindly reached out and offered for me and my girls to be in a campaign for them. This month I was lucky enough to sit down with Gemma and learn a little bit more about her and her amazing brand Infamous Swim! 

Thanks so much for being our Brand feature for November, can you first tell our readers a little bit about Infamous Swim?

Thank you! So honored!
Infamous Swim has actually been around since 2013 owned by my childhood friend Kirsty. We joined partnership late 2017 and then in March of 2013 I solely took over to take Infamous Swim in new directions, while Kirsty has moved on to focus on her modeling career.

How did you get into designing swimwear? Do you have a background in design etc?

From a young age, I was obsessed with swimwear. Throughout my teenage years, this developed into a very expensive addiction. Weekly, I was purchasing multiple pairs of swimwear. Working in the surf industry helped me sustain that habit!
I grew up with my Mum being a very good sewer, she would make so many beautiful dresses and the majority of our dance costumes. I would sit with her and ask her to make all sorts of clothing items when I was young, I think deep down it has always been a passion. However, I never studied it.
What is your go-to/ favorite style/ color you offer and why?
I am such a sucker for leopard. if I could wear it head to toe I would, I created this modern leopard version, as I know it’s not for everyone, but moving away from your traditional leopard prints it’s more inviting for others to love it too!
I love to always have a hand-drawn element about my prints, my best girlfriend from primary school is a very talent drawer and designer, we sat together on many occasions and drew designs, colored them in with pencils and paints and scanned them into the computer to finish things off in photoshop! I LOVE this process!
You are a busy Mummy; how do you manage the day to day juggle of business life/mum life?

Unfortunately, I don’t think I am balancing it all very well right now. I’m definitely overflowing in areas, but we are working towards a balanced lifestyle so we have that goal we are set for in the near future. I’ve always been in highs demanding roles too throughout my working life, so I’ve become very good at prioritizing.
I think this has definitely helped when going out on my own, writing lots of lists and working through most important jobs first!

What is your favorite thing to do for yourself when you need some time to unwind?

Having a newborn when we launched Infamous & Mini Swim was definitely hectic, there really hasn’t been any downtime at all. if I can get away for sneaky massage or gym session this is my time to unwind!

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now (all expenses paid) where would it be and why?
Oh, this is so tough! As a family we LOVE to travel and put ourselves under stress with the family we make sure we take a least 2 big holidays a year and then spend the rest of our time going to Echuca, our home away from home!
We’re in the midst of organizing our next year holidays and have so many options we’re thinking of, but also want to create the best time for the varying ages of kids we have! Taj 10, Jett 3 (threenager) and Duke 5 months, so it’s definitely a challenge.
Although, if you mention all-expenses paid I think I would have to pull the hubs out of his business and get the folks to mind the kids and do a business trip to central Australia! So many beautiful hidden gems in Australia and I want to explore it all plus have a sneaky champas on the way over.

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You can also follow along with their journey and keep up to date with all their fabulous designs on their social media (click the icons below to check them out) xo