We have been lovers of this amazing brand for quite some time now, my eldest Willow suffers from Eczema and when I stumbled upon this brand on social media I was instantly impressed with all the rave reviews. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down and have a chat with Julia to learn more about her passion for her brand 'Itchy Baby Co'. 

We saw such a huge difference in just a matter of days with Willows skin from using a range of bath soaks and their moisturizer. 

Julia has also very kindly offered all of our readers a HUGE  20 % OFF their  bath soaks and bath soak assortment pack when you use the code FAWNANDFINCH at the checkout. 

We just LOVE your products, they have made such a difference to Willow’s skin! Can I ask what inspired you to start Itchy Baby Co?
Oh, that makes me so happy! I'm so pleased we have made a difference for darling Willow! Well, Christian, my son, is the reason itchy baby co started. For the first three years of Christian's life, we were affected practically and emotionally by eczema. Mums carry around a lot of the emotional burden of raising their children, add eczema into the mix and motherhood can feel totally debilitating. This is how I felt - my ability as a mum felt crippled by eczema as well as my competence as a pharmacist. We were housebound because I couldn't deal with the stares from strangers and the well-meaning, but guilt provoking comments from other mums hurt me every time. I set to work to help my little boy's skin and lift me and my family out of this haze of guilt and failure as a mum and pharmacist. 
What is your favorite product from your range and why?
I'm emotionally attached to our moisturizer because of the many challenges I have had in developing a product using natural ingredients without added fillers like water and stabilizers to help with the consistency. But my favorite product is where it all began, and that's our natural oatmeal bath soak. Using this bath soak his bath every day was when I first saw Christian's skin start to improve. Just looking at our natural oatmeal bath soak takes me back to the relief and happiness I felt that time ago.
What bundle would you suggest from your range to a family with a child that suffers from Eczema?
Our Starter Pack is where to begin. It includes the most popular products from our three step pharmacist developed skincare routine to give your child every chance of experiencing happy skin. From soaking up all the goodness of our bath soaks during bath time to sealing nourishment into the skin using our moisturizer, to spreading the love to special areas of the body like the face with our natural oatmeal face mask.
I know for me I have always tried to go the ‘natural’ route when dealing with Willows eczema, how important do you think it is to treat eczema with natural products?
Being a pharmacist I need there to be evidence for the products I use. The natural ingredients in our products have a history of being intensely moisturizing and soothing and also protecting the skin. Managing eczema involves daily attention using products to add moisture into the skin and strengthen the skin's barrier to protect against irritants. Using a product every day on my child's skin if there is a natural option which has been effective for many, I always choose to try that first.
Have you guys got anything new in the pipelines for the range you offer?
Oh, do we ever! And I wish we could lessen the time it takes to research, formulate and develop new products! I need to know I'm developing a product which is going to make a difference to many children and their families and making sure of this takes a little extra time. Next up we will have a shampoo as asked for by our itchy baby co family :)

You can head over and check out this amazing brand by clicking any of the links below xo