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We sat down for a catch up with 'The Peninsula Mumma' a new blogger on the scene that has a humorous and refreshing take on all things motherhood, relationships, and life post-baby. Nothing is off limits when it comes to this Mumma; we love her honesty and ability to laugh at herself, have a read below to find out more about Maggie. 

Firstly, a huge Congratulations are in order, you just gave birth to your first little one Jagger! How are you finding adjusting to life as a Mum?

Thank you! It’s been a massive adjustment in every way & to be honest it was hard at first, it was really hard. I second-guessed everything I did & that first night at the hospital I was left to look after this little human & to say I had a meltdown is an understatement! BUT - every single day it got easier, every single time I fed him I learned more about how to do it. Now, being nearly 8wks into my Mumma journey I am loving it, poo explosions & all!
I know that health and fitness is something that is very important to you, how do you find time to make sure you fit this into your daily life?

I try to move my body daily. Even if that’s doing some squats while Jagger is having some tummy time. I’m also LOVING taking the pram on walks - I mean, seriously, if you want a workout just go for a walk with your girlfriend & chat to each other whilst pushing your prams up a hill! I had NO idea how difficult that was! It could legitimately be an Olympic sport! 
What piece of advice would you give to all the mummies out there working on their post-baby bodies & all-around health and fitness?

I know this might sound boring BUT - water water water!! I love moving my body for my mental health but nutrition plays such a huge role in fitness & physical health. I think there is a lot of pressure to “bounce back” but think of it as bouncing FORWARD. Remember - you’ve just had a baby, you’ve just grown a human! I mean, that’s pretty epic! Be kind to yourself & take your time. Never feel guilty for taking the time to do something that betters your mental & physical health! Lastly, preparation for me is key, meal prep as much as you can so you don’t just reach for the “easy” food. And remember - your incredible! 
How did you transition into blogging? Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about starting a blog?

I’ve always loved writing. It was actually Meagan, the owner of Fawn & Finch & my friend of over 10years that said I should start blogging. So one day I just sat down, I wrote up my first blog when I was pregnant & I haven’t stopped! If you’re thinking about blogging my advice is JUST DO IT! Why not? If you’re passionate about something go for it! Self-doubt has killed more dreams than anything else!

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever received? Do you still find it relevant today?

The best advice I’ve ever been given is simple. Believe in yourself - look in the mirror & believe in who you are & what you can do. It’s relevant in everything I do. It’s not about being cocky, it’s about knowing who you are, knowing what you want, not giving yourself excuses & going for it. 
If the world was ending what would your last meal have to be?

Ok, so when you say “meal” does that include entree, main & dessert...? Let’s say it does...so for entree, I’d have salt & pepper calamari with garlic aioli, main would be a burger with the LOT, dessert would be Cookies & Cream Connoisseur ice-cream with a liter of mint chocolate ice magic!! I’m a sucker for ice magic guys...

You can follow Maggie and her journey by clicking the icons below xo 


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