A gorgeous local brand that is run by one of my gorgeous Mumma friends; Kate. I am completely and utterly obsessed with all of her gorgeous sunnies & new jewelry! Make sure you keep an eye on this label it is expanding rapidly and she is getting so much great new stock in daily!!!
I was lucky enough to sit down with the gorgeous Mumma & owner of this gorgeous brand and chat all things mum life, business, hubbies, hopes & dreams and the chaos that is running a small business from home.

Take us back to where and when it all began. When & how did the concept for House of Soult come from?

House of Soult began very recently in 2019 over many chats with my girlfriends who have their own business’. Since I grew up in sunny Noosa, my love for the sunshine brought me to the sunglasses section of the business. My obsession with fun beautiful earrings has peeked through and has grown the brand to be full of accessories I adore!

I know you’ve only been in business a short while but what do you love and dislike about it so far?

I love that I can bring funky gorgeous and best of all, affordable accessories into the ‘every day babes’ life! I am yet to come across any dislikes... perhaps just waiting daily for the postman to deliver new stock drops that I am eager to test out and get onto the faces and ears of women everywhere! The postie and I have a love-hate relationship! 

Where do you hope to see House of Soult in five years?

EVERYWHERE. Is that ok to say ha-ha! I would just love to be the first site that pops into your mind when you have an event and need some hot jewellery or if you’re hitting the sunshine and want to look like a babe at the beach in our sunnies!

Before House of Soult what did you do for work?

I’m so lucky to have another job that I absolutely adore doing customer service and social media for an incredible company! I am a wife and mother so the best part about House of Soult is that I do have the time to do my job I love, run House of Soult and also be home with my beautiful family for school drop offs and pick-ups, park hangs and any other crazy adventures mums of boys have to go on!
Fun fact though - I was a travel agent for 10 years... so the travel addiction is extremely strong!

What is your favorite thing to do for some down-time for yourself?

I binge watch A-LOT of Stan and Netflix... and I mean A-LOT! It really is quite the talent how quickly I can smash out a new series! I balance this with my love for my boot camp! Training is good for the soul. I love spending time with my gorgeous family and my incredible friends! I am 110% a social butterfly!

Can you tell us about a challenge you have faced in business?

I was worried that starting House of Soult as a sunglasses business in winter maybe wasn’t the smartest move... However, it seems that the sun is starting to peek out and the ladies still love to protect their eyes in style when it is cold! I am always faced with the challenge that what I love may not necessarily be what my customer love… but I bounce most designs past my boss babe panel and between us all I think I manage to choose a good variety!

With social media comes negative and positive; how do you overcome these obstacles?

As I do social media in my everyday job and let’s face it... in my everyday life, I am used to being online and active on the daily! We all watch our socials and how many likes our posts get and how much interaction we get and focus on how many follows we have… I have come to realise this is just how it is. I just try to stay true to my brand, myself and my customers and share what I like and what I want our followers to know about both myself personally and House of Soult. I do need to learn to get behind the camera and whip out an insta story without laughing at myself and deleting it ha-ha!

Favorite pages on the gram?
I basically enjoy following any page that either;

Gives suggestions that help me and my beautiful family in some way such as advice, cooking, organizational tips, etc.
Friends, so I can support their businesses & keep up with their lives.
Have the products I absolutely adore.
Makes me laugh.
Makes me feel like it’s ok to not have my shit together all the time!

    What does Woman Supporting Woman mean to you?

    Every day I see boss babes working together, collaborating their brands, and pumping each other up! To me this is what ‘Women Supporting Women’ is all about! Instagram has become an incredible platform for this to become possible!

    What is your go-to cheat meal?

    Well, I’m about to start an 8-week challenge so since I’m in bulking mode for the upcoming ‘Hunger Games’ every meal is a cheat meal at the moment ha-ha! But I would have to say I am a sucker for a medium McChicken meal with big mac sauce on the side! If I’m feeling really game, I’ll also get a cheeseburger on the side... without pickles of course! And yes, I know Big Mac sauce is made up of pickles... I’m odd like that!

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    You can also follow along with their journey and keep up to date with all their fabulous ladies items on Kate's social media (click the icons below to check them out) xo