A gorgeous local brand that is run by one of my very best friends; Shannara. I am completely and utterly obsessed with all of her gorgeous handmade scrunchies & to now see her expand her range to include more gorgeous women's accessories has my credit card fearing for its life.


I was lucky enough to sit down with the gorgeous Mumma  & owner of this gorgeous brand and chat all things mum life, business, hubbies, hopes & dreams and the chaos that is running a business from home.

When and how did the concept for Florence & Foxx come about? 

Florence and Foxx began in 2019 while on Maternity Leave, it was a combination of being away from my usual creative outlet - a Beauty Therapist who specializes in Lash Extensions and a new little lady with minimal hair who is a carbon copy of her dad, cue questions about my cute "boy", I was hunting high and low for different hair accessories for my babe.

We first launched Florence & Foxx with a primary focus on accessories for the mini, each of our bows are thoughtfully selected by me then tried and tested by our Lola girl!

Over a short time our brand began to evolve which saw the introduction of our scrunchies, these have since become our feature product and encouraged us to expand our range into other hair and headwear accessories.

Where did your business name Florence & Foxx come from? Is there any meaning behind it for you? 

Florence & Foxx is a combination of things in my life, old and new! Florence was my Nanna's name - except no one ever called her that! Foxx is a boys name that hubby and I both love, but unfortunately we can't use with our surname so I used it for our other baby!

What was your background/what did you do before you had a family & ran your own small business? 

Before Florence & Foxx and mum life I was (and still am) a Beauty Therapist and specialize in Lash Extensions. I did spend a couple of years away from Beauty working in Travel, something I am incredibly passionate about #foreverwanderlust

What do you love most about running your own business?

Being able to stay home with my babe while letting out my creative side! I also love that I can be flexible with how my days pan out - even if they don't always go to plan! 

What are some of the biggest challenges you face regarding working from home and being a mum?

Time and personal pressure! I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay home and enjoy these precious moments while my babe is still little, to watch her grow and develop (before my eyes!!!), however, that also means I am restricted to working with her sleep schedule (HA!) some naps can be 30 minutes others can be 2 hours.

I am still learning that someday I won't get any work done during the day and others will be a marathon of jobs completed.

What are some of the things you do to combat those challenges?

I have recently started putting things in priority order rather than knocking over the quick/easy jobs first. Each time I duck into the studio to work, I know I've got a minimum of 30 minutes to get things done and anything that I achieve after that time is a bonus.

Where do you hope to see your business in the next five years? 

Hopefully still going, with a further array of gorgeous accessories!  

What do you like to do when you need some ‘down time’?

Ask me in 5 years! I actually had this conversation with my husband recently, I said I feel like at this moment my life is a constant circle of Baby, Work, and wife, I haven't yet worked out how and when to put the downtime back into life! When I can find 5 minutes, I do love a good book, a cheesy Netflix movie (yes, I am your go-to Christmas movie gal!) or I have coffee/wine with my besties.

What is your go-to date night with your partner? 

With a 10-month-old our date nights are few and far between! But nothing beats some good food - Italian, Mexican or dumplings followed by chocolate are our go to, even if it's at home on the couch with no TV or phones!

What is your advice for any Mumma’s out there that are thinking about starting up their own business?

Just do it! Jump in, both feet! Oh and some besties - two of them who bring different things but each makes you see a different side! 

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