What sleep … 

We have always been pretty lucky that both of our girls have been pretty good sleepers, they have their bad nights when they are teething, unwell or have just had a huge day and are struggling to wind down for the night.  Willow started to have a few let’s call them ‘sleep issues’ when Blair came home, I think she struggled with the fact that the baby was able to sleep in her bed in our room but she had to stay in her own room.


This eventually led to her ending up in our bed every night; Willow wouldn’t let Nathan put her back to bed and would scream bloody murder if he even came close to her, the battle to get her back into her bed was just not worth it at 1am, 2am, 3am & 4am in the morning so we gave in and let her sleep with us whenever she would come into our room #badidea. She was also taking anywhere between 1-3hrs a night to get down, constantly getting out of bed with every excuse under the sun.


Blair has always slept much like her sister, and generally ‘sorted herself out’ into sleeping longer between feeds, dropping day naps etc. But she is getting to an age where she ‘should’ (I used that term very loosely) be sleeping through the night so we thought we would try the Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid that might aid in that happening without having to resort to dropping night feeds’ and navigating our way through weeks of unsettled nights as she adjusted to not feeding overnight. I must stress that whilst we have had wonderful success with this product and it aiding in the girls sleep improving 100%, I am in no way a trained sleep professional and this is quite simply an explanation about our experience with the Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid.


Cara was super helpful throughout the whole process and was always there to answer my silly questions when we first began using the sleep-aids with the kids. We started out by purchasing two of the starter packs that included the following: the Twinkle Star organic medicinal grade essential oil, Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid machine and your choice of sleeve cover (we went with unicorns #dah).


Our Experience…

We found the whole process relatively easy, the first night Willow went down at 7pm and only came out one time she was asleep by 7:30pm (SUCCESS!!!) Blair went down easy (she always does it was going to be the overnight that was the tester!!!).  Willow slept all the way through the night and Blair woke at 4am for a bottle (she was previously waking at 2-3am).


Every night that followed got a little better, Willow was going to be earlier, not getting out of bed and sleeping all the way through!! Blair was sleeping longer between her bedtime feed and her overnight feed every-night eventually to the point where she was sleeping through the night from 7/7:30pm till anywhere between 7/8am. There was a couple of nights where Willow did end up in our bed but when I would take her back to her room she had played with the light (changing its colour or turning off the white noise feature etc.).


We have been using the Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid now for almost two months and we honestly couldn’t live without them!! Both of the girls are now sleeping through the night, which means that I have more energy, and I am now sleeping for 8-9hrs a night (for a Mumma that use to average 3-4hrs per night this has been a god send!!!).


I cannot recommend this product enough after the wonderful experience we have had with it & the way it has transformed our little ones sleep!!!

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