Each year I make them and each year I NEVER stick to them; I’m sure I am not the only one who has done this year in year out. This year instead of the stereotypical meal prep, more gym resolutions I decided this year to dig a little deeper and pen some more meaningful resolutions that I hope will not last just a year but a lifetime.  


  1. Digital Detox:
    There was a time when I found myself scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram accounts more times during the day than I was actually participating in actual real-world conversations. Don’t get me wrong I have had the privilege of connecting with and meeting some beautiful people via social media but I have additionally benefited greatly from a little digital detox every once in a while.
    Last year I started trying to stick to working more during ‘business hours’ (whatever they may be when you have two small children at home and run your own business I am yet to find out but I will be sure to let you know should I stumble across them). I have made a conscious effort to clock off from my phone at about lunchtime or late afternoon so that I can spend some quality time with my kids and husband. I don’t check my email, DM’s, Facebook messages at all on the weekends unless of course it is and urgent matter. Everyone else gets to clock off from work and If I was working a 9-5 job I would additionally clocked off from work at 7am on a Saturday morning, so there is no reason why I can’t do exactly that. I have also been practicing a little digital detox in the form of unfollowing those that don’t interest me or bring positivity to my circle. It’s not a personal thing, I just like to see things in my feed that interest me and if a brand/fellow blogger/personal account doesn’t interest me anymore I simply unfollow. There is no rule that says you have to follow ‘X’ amount of people and there is additionally no rule that says you must follow me. IF you don’t like what someone is putting down don’t pick it up (so to speak figuratively). 


    Additionally I have also been unsubscribing to a lot of newsletters that land in my inbox- the ones you delete as soon as you see them. It only takes a few minutes to unsubscribe and you save yourself the hassle of having to delete them every time you see them come in. 


  1. Make time for family & friends;
    I always get caught up in the monotonous running’s of day to day life; washing, nap- time, lunch time, play time, library time, swimming, dance, dinner, bath time etc. the list is endless. That I find myself not making time for the people that I love; I don’t intentionally do this but sometimes being ‘Mummy’ to two little ones can be quite a demanding task and I do overlook the small things; like coffee with a friend or a movie night with my besties.
     This year, I am going to make time for the people who love me endlessly! I will be mindful to make time to remind my loved ones how much I appreciate them – I am aiming to make sure I have a dinner once a month with my girlfriends and family, and focus on making special memories. I am not going to focus on what time the kids need a nap and schedule the coffee date with my bestie, life is too short to not have coffee and a little catch up right!?!?!?This year we have set a goal as a family to go on more family holidays; weather they are international, domestic or simply just taking the camper trailer down the road for a weekend I want to start creating life long memories with my family. 
  2. Self-love:
    That’s right – it all comes back to self-love! No one is perfect and everyone has days where we feel down on ourselves and the thought of giving yourself a compliment sounds completely absurd – but it’s so important to love yourself first, always! I have recently been on a little bit of health kick/warpath to love myself more, to set and be an example of self-love for my two little girls; to stand tall in a world that’s built up to break us down I want to be strong, love every inch of myself (flaws and all) I want to be healthy (mind and body) to be the best example I can be for my children.
     I recently participated in my gym/boot camps eight-week challenge and lost 12kg, I am still not finished with my weight loss story (I will be sure to document it here for you all to see) and in no way do I associate that number on the scales to be a measurement of my happiness but until I had participated in this I had no idea the immense impact that a healthy lifestyle (clean eating and regular exercise) could have on my life. I am now an exercise junkie; I get up most mornings at 5:20am to get to the gym for the 6am class and without that daily release of endorphins I don’t feel quite right/ quite myself, it gives me more energy and allows me to be a better mother and wife. This time at the gym is something that has become something that’s quite therapeutic for me, it’s my little slice of ‘me time’ that I try to inject into each and every day (except Sunday’s that’s the only day my gym is closed so I am forced to have a rest day). My family eat better, we are much healthier and happier versions of ourselves because of our choice to live a healthier life.  
  3. Organisation:
    We have always been fairly organised but I have been making a conscious effort this year to really clean out things we don’t need anymore, buying storage and a label maker to give all of those little nick-knack things a home/place to be. I started my year by doing the ‘Declutter Challenge’ by the gorgeous Steph Pase (@justanothermummyblog) I have inserted Steph’s calendar below for you all to follow along. The 30 Day Declutter challenge is perfect for me- one task per day, achievable, realistic and definitely has put me on the right track to get my home sorted for the new year.

    I have also made a point of this year trying to actively use my planners, calendar, meal planner etc. just so we have a better idea of where we are at, what needs doing and hopefully try to reduce the amount of food waste we have in our home. We have penned down a budget for the year so we can curb our spending, save more and hopefully purchase an investment property in the next couple of years. All these little things I am hopeful will become just day to day things over the course of the year and end up being a habit soon enough.


  1. Live with Purpose:
    I want everything that I do or say to have meaning and a purpose; no more rambling. I will live this year with intent to do good, be good and better myself as a person, mother, friend, wife, sibling and business owner. I will set priorities and stick with them, I will follow my passions and embrace them, I will achieve balance in my life, feel content and satisfied with my decisions and I will this year live in the moment.
    Thats it from me- I would LOVE to hear what your resolutions are!!! Please drop me a line and share xo