We often get flooded with questions and queries on 'how do I know what shoes to buy for my child or to gift to another little one'. Let me firstly say, all of these questions are completely normal! How is a first time mum, who has never shopped for children's shoes before to know exactly what they need to know when shopping for their babes shoes!

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We have narrowed down our TOP TIPS for shopping for your children's shoes! 
  • When choosing the size, we suggest you use our sizing guidelines and add 1 cm to allow for both growth and also socks. You want to make sure you don't go too big as this can lead to tripping over and also effect your little ones walking development. If you receive your shoes and feel they don't quite work size wise, we can certainly help you out to exchange for the correct size.
  • Our shoes are soft soles from 0 - 6 months until 2-3 years as your little ones feet are still developing. Something you may not know, is that children's feet are made up of tiny little bones which are not all joined straight away, so giving them a soft sole shoe, allows for their development rather than giving a rigid hard sole shoe during this time of growth. If you have ever owned a pair of our Womens Eldorado's, you could probably attest to how soft and comfortable they are, and our children's shoes are based around this super soft, super comfortable design.
  • After the 2-3 year size onwards, your children's feet have now formed enough to enter hard sole shoes (unless you have been medically advised otherwise - please check with your health care professional if you have any specific concerns). And it is for this reason we have hard soles from our 3-4 year size upwards. We do children's hard sole shoes from a 3-4 size up to a 5-6 size.
Please always remember, if you have any questions when shopping for either shoes for your babes or for yourself Mumma, you can always drop us an email.
📷  @dayswithwildflowers