A gorgeous Australian based brand that is run by two beautiful ladies; Anna & Nicoletta. I am completely and utterly obsessed with all of her gorgeous planners, diaries, journals & everything in between. I have been using their calendars and planners for years now! Make sure you keep an eye on this brand it is expanding rapidly and they are creating so many great new goodies all the time!


I was lucky enough to sit down with the gorgeous ladies & owners of this gorgeous brand and chat all things mum life, business, hubbies, food, hopes & dreams and the chaos that is being working mums & hustlers! 

Take us back to where and when it all began. When & how did the concept for Write to me come from?

We both left home with baby and recipe journals put together by our mum. My husband had also lost both parents at 12 years old and some of his most precious belongings of his mother are a box of her handwritten letters. Handwriting lives on long after a person is gone and to have lifelong memories in handwriting is so special… and so we started Write To Me in 2009 with a baby book and recipe journal we titled Recipes Passed Down. To this day still two of our best sellers.

Before Write To Me I worked as an Art Director in ad agencies and my sister an account manager across tourism and later brand accounts.

    What do you love most about running your own business? 

    There are many things we love about running about our own business but I think we would both agree on the freedom – not having to answer to anyone. But in saying that you have to work so hard to get to that point!

    Can you tell us about a challenge you have faced in business?

      We have faced many many challenges over the last 10 years. We started with no capital so many years of hard handwork and very long hours. Most recently it is growth and how to structure everything from staff to cashflow. It is hard to pick one thing – there are many challenges I guess but we work through them that’s all you can do! We don’t really call them challenges either from a headspace point of view. It just is what it is and we sit and work through everything – the way we see it is that is just running a business.

      With social media comes negative and positive; how do you overcome these obstacles?

      Social media is a big job not to be underestimated!! Planning goes a long way to not having your phone in your hand all the time. We get so many nice messages on the daily about our products and we love the interaction with all the posts we get tagged in too. That is by far the thing we love the most and makes it all worthwhile.

      What is your favorite item from your range that you offer?

        We are pretty focused on our why. A fav item just has to be a journal! I can’t pick one but they all have the same purpose which is one day they will be passed down and mean the world to someone and that is what keeps us creative and going. There is nothing we love more than adding more ways to capture beautiful memories.

        What is your favorite thing to do for some down-time for yourselves?

        Downtime – of gosh what is that?! HAHA!! We are always striving for more of that but we love movie nights on the couch with our kids, we love being arty too, put a paintbrush in my hand and knitting needles in my sisters and that feeds our souls!
        At the moment it’s architecture, illustrator/artist page and travel photos are pages that we are personally inspired by! We are constantly sending each other kitchens and bathrooms and paintings that we love! And places we would love to go.

        What is your go-to guilty pleasure food and/or meal?

          Chocolate and a cup of tea is a guilty pleasure. Hands down all the way.

          What does Woman Supporting women in business mean to you? Have you experienced much of this being in business?

          Woman Supporting Woman in business means a lot to us. We have spent 10 years running our business along side some beautiful people we now call lifelong friends. We are always sharing information. I love buying off other small business women and supporting them that way as well. We also joined Business Chicks and love the vibe of their events. Full of motivated women that goes along with great conversations. You give and you learn too, its really nice.

          What is your advice for any Mumma’s out there that are thinking about starting up their own brand?

          Our advice for any Mummas starting up their own brand is take baby steps. Don’t be in a rush and don’t put pressure on yourself – there is already enough. You can only do what you get done in a day sometimes you don’t. It’s OK, update your list and the next day is new. Persistence is everything and will get you anywhere you want. So will originality. Don’t be swayed in what other people are doing. Do you and it will get you exactly where you want to be. It has to be fun and you have to love it – because it is an absolute slog but it’s worth it. We say do it!

          Lucky last... What is next for you and your brand?

          We have big growth plans for the coming years which we are very excited about and new products. We love bringing our customers new products! It’s our favorite thing.

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