April 24, 2018


Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients!

We’re HUGE fans of Smoothie Bombs. They’re such an easy way to incorporate more nutrition and flavour into our smoothies and best of all, the kids love them too!

Need some inspiration? Check out their Instagram page for some great recipes

Golden Chai & PB

Add a banana, some apple pieces, a handful of oats, a spoonful of peanut butter and 1 cup of soy milk.

Crumble 1 Defender Golden Chai Smoothie Bomb
Blend until smooth!

Green Smoothie Classic

Add a handful of kale, 1 green apple and 1 cup of milk of your choice.

Crumble in 1 Transformer Super Greens Smoothie Bomb

Blend Until smooth!

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All of our shoes are a ‘soft soled’ shoe up until the age of 2yrs. We have designed them to be this way as it is recommended that children wear soft-soled shoes until that age to promote natural foot development (this is of course unless you have been medically advised to place your child in a hard sole shoe). We source the highest quality leather so that your little one's feet are comfortable and protected from the elements.

Our entire range is created in a soft soled style up until our 2-3yr size. The soft-soled shoes are perfect for allowing the natural development of your little one's foot and come highly recommended from podiatrists to promote natural foot development.  Most of our range will have the same type of leather used on the top part of the shoe as the bottom (with the exception of some of our suede style shoes). Our sandal range does have a leather sole with either suede soles or little grip pads sewn into them to assist in gripping when walking.



Please measure your little one's foot using our sizing page prior to ordering to ensure you get the right fit, we do suggest adding on 1 cm to their actual length to allow for growth and wiggle room. 

All below measurements are for the inner sole of the shoe.