My very energetic little four-year-old girl loves to frequently visit the 'scooter park' or as us, adults like to call it 'skate park' just nearby our house on the regular (multiple times a week). She has always had quite an interest in 'scootering' ever since she was gifted a little Mini Mouse scooter for her second birthday. 

The original Mini Mouse scooter has served her very well, but as she has grown so has her confidence and soon I found her wanting to venture down the half pipes at the local skate park on her rickety little scooter. This would instantly send me into 'crazy helicopter mum mode' as she hurled down these ramps and her poor little mini scooter would end up picking up far to much speed than it's little wheels could cope with which would, in turn, end up in the speed wobbles and on more than one occasion resulted in my confident little one flying over the handlebars. 

After far too many scraped knees and bruised egos and with her fourth birthday looming Nathan and I knew it was time to update the old scooter for a far more reliable and capable unit that would allow us to have confidence that her daredevil scootering antics would no longer result in trips to the supermarket for Frozen band-aids. 

We asked around to quite a few of our friends that have older children to get their recommendation on what brand we should be looking at and all signs and opinions pointed us in the direction of Micro Scooters. 

The wonderful team at Micro Scooters were so wonderful to deal with after my many questions and I cannot express how happy we are with this scooter. I am all for buying quality over quantity when it comes to big-ticket items like kids bikes, scooters etc; I like knowing that it will stand the test of time and will be a reliable, safe and easy to use for my little one.  

The Micro Maxi Deluxe has been designed for children aged from five to twelve years. We opted to size up with Willows new scooter so that she would not only fit it now but can grow with it; the adjustable T-Bar allows the scooter to easily adjusted to fit a variety of heights, it has a new 70kg weight limit (thus again allowing your little ones to grow with their scooter for a number of years). Willow has very easily taken to the ‘lean and steer’ style that this brand is known for. On all accounts, this scooter has a sturdy but lightweight frame that is very easily maneuvered and is so smooth in its motions. 

If you are in the market for a new scooter for your little one, I honestly couldn't recommend this one enough; we have been so impressed with the quality, maneuverability, and build of this scooter and will certainly be returning to purchase another one shortly for Blair. 

You can shop now for your Micro Scooter using the button below xo