A gorgeous Queensland based brand that is run by the husband and wife team Andy and Sandra. I am completely and utterly obsessed with their Luxey Cups, ever since stumbling across them on the gram about two years ago now! The message and voice behind this brand is such a strong and important message, especially in the fast-paced world we find our selves in now! sure you keep an eye on this brand it is expanding rapidly and they are getting in so many great new colors all the time!

I was lucky enough to sit down with this gorgeous team & chat about all things luxey life, business, hubbies, food, hopes & dreams, and the chaos that is being a working from home family & how to keep the hustle alive!


When and how did the concept for Luxey Cup come about?

We birthed Luxey in December 2018 when we launched a Kickstarter Campaign where we needed $40,000 to buy our very first shipment.

The inspiration didn't really come from anywhere apart from a desire to do something really great and good. Andy (my partner) and I would just always talk about what we "could" do and one day I called him while he was at work and said why don't we do a coffee cup? That night after dinner he sat down at his really old laptop and a really clunky version of AutoCAD and drew what is now the Luxey Cup. He called me over and said what do you think of this? And I said - Yeah, that should work! We really wanted to do something meaningful with our lives

I really love the message behind your brand, what inspired you to make such a huge change to your footprint impact as a brand?

We always knew deep down that if we were going to do something and bring another “thing” into the world then it better be good and do good. We personally feel that businesses hold a lot responsibility when it comes to the world and what’s happening in it. Our brand is super-cool and we make reusing sexy so our customers don’t feel like they’re having to try to do good, they just are naturally.

What was you background/what did you both do before you had a family & ran your own business? 

Andy worked in Civil Construction for 10 years prior to Luxey Cup. He still worked as a Surveyor in the industry right up until we landed our first shipment. Andy has no formal education however with a Scientist as a father Andy is the most clever and handy human being you will ever meet!

I am a trained Interior Designer. Prior to Luxey Cup I own and started an earring business which I ran while our two babies were, well babies! Before having babies, I was in sales.

What do you love most about running your own business? 

I feel very lucky to be able to say this but the flexibility to literally do anything that you want at anytime (to an extent!) Picking up kids and attending to them as they need, weekend are total freedom for us, afternoons we always just choose what feels fun to do like the beach or skatepark or grabbing an early dinner of Sushi! Andy goes to the gym at night, I do pilates each morning in town. Andy and I will often come and grab me and we’ll go for a coffee in the middle of the day just so we can chat, it’s nice to be as a family unit basically the whole time.

What is your favourite colour Luxey and why?

That is a very hard question! I am the QUEEN of colour but if I was to pick JUST one (combo) it would be Mustard Base with a Blush Pink lid. Ha ha ha that’s the hardest question you have asked!

 What are some of the biggest challenges you face running your own business?

Oh gosh, another crazy difficult one to answer! Finding the right people to help you can sometimes be challenging.

Luxey is growing quickly and we currently have two warehouses and building a new HQ close by as we can not fit another piece of silicone in either of our spaces!  

It’s difficult to fully switch off and “go home” that does not exist at all, ever!

Stock and not having enough of it and always being sold out gets a little old!

What are some of the things you do to combat those challenges?

Finding the right people we try not to put heaps of pressure on this as we understand its all about ebb and flow. Some people are right for right now and maybe next month things change, being in flow with this and not getting too caught up in it helps.

Checking out? We have renovated a caravan! @darlingbyluxeycup and we go away almost every weekend which we absolutely love! We always have dinner together and we always have a cuddle on the couch before bed each night.

Stock, we’ll ha ha ha we think we always buy enough but it never is. This is a long term goal!

What is your go to date night with your Andy? 

We’re pretty boring! We always just go to one of our favourite restarts (we usually go on a Friday afternoon before school pick up) and then sit down and have a coffee at a cute cafe after and we just chat, we download everything, talk about how much we love our little life together etc. We are so close and we are so grateful and aware of how special our lives are.

What are your three fave Instagram accounts?

  1. @fawnandfinch is one of them! I know, I know you think I’m just saying this to be nice but honestly, Fawn and Finch account is the best, no other account does parent quotes or memes like you! You are so funny.
  2. @emondo.kids! Sharon has the best recipes!
  3. @deeto I have just found this brand and this product and it love it!

What is your advice for any Mumma’s out there that are thinking about starting up their own business? 

Just start. It's NEVER EVER perfect! Like never ever perfect! Never going to be either. Just go for it, figure it out along the way, keep your blinkers on and have fun, if it's not fun it won’t work xxxxxx

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