Behind the mind of Bun & Friend – The cutest little wooden dolls in town!

We had the pleasure of catching up with the creative Mumma, Steph, behind the brand Bun and Friend – The cutest little wooden dolls in town! Here’s what she had to say, from what’s new at Bun and Friend to 3 things she’s grateful about! xo
1. How did Bun&Friend begin way back in 2012?
I was a stay at home mum with my eldest who was 8 months old at the time and without Netflix and Stan back then I was becoming restless during her day naps! So one day I just opened up an Instagram account and Bunandfriend was born.
2. What’s the newest addition to Bun&Friend?
I’ve only put up a sneak peek but they’re actually little keepsake boxes and gender reveal boxes. Another newbie and absolute fav is my ballerina. I patted myself on the back for that one, haha!
3. Describe each of your little loves in 3 words! & what is their favourite Bun&Friend wooden doll?
Marlee (aka Bun) – Sassy, kind and affectionate. Her favourite doll is definitely the ballerina.
Carter – Affectionate, shy, sook haha.
Valentina – Outgoing, happy, cheeky.
The twins favourite doll is anything they can chew on.
4. What would be your words of wisdom for other mumma’s out there juggling motherhood / a business / being a FIFO family?
Routine! I’ve never been one for routine but this has saved my life. And a nanny, get a nanny haha! We have ours for 10-15 hours a week to help with baths, dinner time and to take the kids out while I paint or pack orders etc and even just to have that adult interaction truly makes the world of difference.
5. Your go-to for treating yourself?
I have a masseuse come to my home once every fortnight.
6. What are 3 things you are grateful about today?
First and foremost my family and I are blessed with health and happiness. Secondly that although my heart is not full when he is not here, my husband has the opportunity to be able to work away.
And thirdly we had food on the table, a warm shower before bed and a roof over our heads.
(I love this question, if only we all woke up thinking of just 3 things we are grateful for our days would be so much more positive)
7. Your favourite quote at the moment?
‘Give it to God and go to sleep’
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