The gorgeous team over at Madré reached out to me and wanted to send me one of their gorgeous Mama Self Care Kit's that  included a pack of three Belly Masks to help soften and minimize stretch marks as your belly changes shape, Boob Balm to help leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated (use on lips, nips and other dry bits), Wellness stick for on the go pregnancy nausea relief and a daily pick me up with a new take on the fortune cookie the Mama Mantra Pills.

This brand is focused on providing expecting and new mumma's with natural products (that smell incredible might I add) to use throughout their pregnancy and after their little love is born. I have already stashed the boob balm (that is filled with five oils, cocoa butter & lanolin (olive derived) that aid in hydrating and nourishing any dry and damaged skin; you can use this little baby all over your body!!!) into my drawer for my hospital bag for post bubs and also plan on using it as a lip balm too (does anyone else do that?!?! or just me...?). 

This image is before using the belly mask and you can see quite prominently my stretch marks and redness. 

This belly mask is INCREDIBLE!!! It was very easy to use, make sure your belly is clean and dry then you simply take the mask out of the packaging and remove the backing sheet and then lay the belly mask over your bump with the 
Madré symbol on your left-hand side then sit back and relax and let the mask do its thing! 

The properties in the mask assist in reducing the redness of stretch marks (which thanks to this giant baby are increasing on the daily) and dryness of your skin. My belly had been super dry this time around, no matter how many times a day I moisturize it so I was really interested to see how this belly mask could help my skin. 

After waiting 15mins and enjoying a nice cup of tea you can remove the belly facial and rub in excess mask serum to any areas that are expanding for some extra TLC. This serum is liquid gold so ensure you don’t rinse it off and let your belly air dry for a few minutes...take a bumpie like me!

After the mask had been on for fifteen minutes there was most definitely a reduction in the redness and dryness of my belly (especially nearing the end of this pregnancy we all know our skin is stretched to its limits), for the weeks following my belly felt softer, more hydrated and less irritable (I had been having prior to using the mask a fair bit of itchiness on my tummy). I have also noticed that my belly is absorbing the creams and oils I have been using a lot more efficiently and actually stays hydrated. 

I am also planning on keeping a belly mask and will trim it and store it in an airtight container for post bubs as the properties of the mask are great for reducing redness and aiding in the healing of scar tissue. This gorgeous bundle of treats for an expecting Mumma would make the perfect baby shower gift or is the perfect excuse for any expecting Mum to treat themselves to some self-care for their belly. 

This is straight after having the mask removed from my belly and rubbing in the excess serum. The very first picture above is my belly before the mask.



You can also follow along with their beautiful brand,  journey and keep up to date with all their beautiful products & creations on Madré social media (click the icons below to check them out) xo