February 10, 2021

We officially have a little SNOO Graduate on our hands! Penny has officially transitioned out of her SNOO and into her cot; I am absolutely devastated; I am going to miss that white noise sound lulling me off to sleep each night!

We have seen great results with the SNOO and Penny's sleep from the day we started using it! I have popped below our snippets of the SNOO app that show the progression in her sleep. 

The APP required to check on bubs progress and also to track sleep patterns is incredible, I have broken it down below for you so you can see all the different features of the app. 



We saw huge results with Penny sleeping through the night from just two months of age she was constantly sleeping through the night, this was something that both of our other children didn't do until they were at least six/seven months old!

The SNOO comes with an incredible APP that gives you tonnes of information and also prompts you to commence the 'weaning' process of transitioning out of the SNOO and into a cot between four to six months of age. 

The SNOO comes with pretty simple instructions as to how to wean your baby out of their SNOO and into the cot; and it really was just as easy as it reads below!

We discussed weaning her to the cot at about 4-5 months of age so that hopefully we could coincide the transition with her four month sleep regression so that we didn't upset the process with a regression once completed.  

To commence the transition we started with her arms, after a few nights of one arm out and alot of interrupted sleep we popped her arms back into the SNOO for another week until we tried again. Once she had a few nights of solid sleep with one arm out we released her second arm, again she wasn't ready for this so one arm went back in until the following week and we tried again. 

After about a week or two of both arms out and consistently sleeping through we turned on the weaning function on the SNOO and commenced the final stage of transitioning her out. During this stage I also incorporated a few day naps in her cot here and there just so she could get use to it. Again after about a week of solid sleeping through the night we transitioned her to the cot. 

She did hit her four month sleep regression about a week after we transitioned her to the cot and that was hell! She was waking about six times a night and I did consider just throwing the entire weaning process into the bin and putting her back into the SNOO but we pushed through and now she is sleeping in her cot for all her day naps (when home) and over night with only one feed (usually between 3-5am). 

I was concerned when we first started using the SNOO that she would become to accustomed to being rocked to sleep by the motion of the SNOO but I can assure you that this is not the case!!! The SNOO has taught Penny how to sleep, how to connect her sleep cycles, how to self-settle and it has given us the gift of SLEEP for five beautiful months! 

I can hand on heart say that I am 100% behind this product, what it stands for, what is does and how it had changed our journey into having baby number three. The only thing I am a little mad about was that I didn't know about this sooner as I would say it is a MUST have and would have fallen under one of those 'big ticket' items you purchase when you first have children that ends up getting passed down the line and used for all of them. 

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