November 09, 2020

The greatest debate of late and the one question that seems to be filling my inbox is everyone wanting to know "what is the SNOO?!", "is it worth the price-tag?!" "what is that bed she is in", "has it changed her sleep that much..." so I am here to answer all those questions and more!!!! 

The SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet is a bassinet for newborns to babies up through 5 to 6 months old.
  • Built-In Swaddle – This bassinet has a built-in swaddle that is very secure. Your baby will not be able to break out. What’s more important is that it will keep your baby sleeping in his or her back, which is considered safest to reduce the risk of SIDS. Furthermore, your baby won’t be able to roll over while swaddled. 
  • Detects Crying – The SNOO has multiple microphones to pick up sounds your baby is making including fussing and crying. It “responds” to your baby depending on what it’s detecting.
  • White Noise – The SNOO also has built-in white noise which automatically turns on if/when your baby starts fussing or crying. There are three different sounds and it chooses different sounds for sleep versus crying.
  • Movement – When this bassinet detects fussing or crying, it can move automatically. It has a slow swing for sleep but faster jiggle for upset cries.

While there is always risk to using any “device” for your baby, the SNOO has appeared to have undergone rigorous testing. Dr. Harvey Karp is not new to keeping babies safe and I am confident safety was the #1 goal for the invention.

In terms of safety, Happiest Baby has surpassed 100 million hours of safe sleep in SNOO and zero deaths which is incredible! After all, the idea is to reduce the risk of SIDS by keeping baby on their back in the first place. 

And, Dr. Karp has been helping babies sleep with his Happiest Baby Series for many years" - he has over 25 years of experience in pediatrics and is an author too. The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happiest Toddler on the Block and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep have been translated into dozens of languages and have made him one of the world’s most renowned baby and sleep experts.

In addition, the movement of the SNOO will not work unless the swaddle sack is clipped to the device. It is also vented to prevent overheating and allow baby to breathe freely. And, they added a metal plate to block WiFi exposure or you can simply turn off WiFi. It appears they’ve thought of everything.

In my opinion YES!!!!! It's like having an extra set of hands

Yes it is pricey but you can resell it once you are done for quite a good price so you won't be out of pocket too much. 

But I ask you this... can you really put a price on sleep?

This bassinet has given my family hours more sleep per night since Penny came home, in my opinion, has completely changed the newborn phase for both Nathan and I! Sure we are tired from having three kids and the busyness that brings but I don't feel sleep deprived like I did with Willow & Blair. We are better parents because of it, we aren't tired and cranky and snappy, I felt so snappy with Willow when Blair came home because of the sleep deprivation. 

Both Nathan and myself noticed a change to the way Penny slept as a newborn almost instantly with the SNOO, I have popped below a summary of her sleep for the last two months and you can see her periods of sleep progressively become longer as the weeks progress.

The APP required to check on bubs progress and also to track sleep patterns is incredible, I have broken it down below for you so you can see all the different features of the app. 


There are a few things to consider before you take the leap into SNOO land...

Firstly, some babies simply need that human touch, so if you have to put the baby back to sleep yourself each time they wake, there is simply no point to spending this much on a bassinet.

Secondly, not all babies enjoy being rocked or put to sleep with movement! While many babies do enjoy movement and it soothes them, for some babies this isn't their vibe. And, if your baby isn’t soothed by movement, then the SNOO is a very expensive bassinet and white noise machine!

Third, although sleeping on their back is safest, not all babies like to sleep flat on their back. Some babies enjoyed moving onto their side to sleep, some babies prefer to sleep on their tummy as well.

Lastly, some bubbas are just naturally good sleepers, I am yet to meet one of mine that is. Some of our friends have had babies that started sleeping through the night as young as 6 to 8 weeks old. 

I can hand on heart say that I am 100% behind this product, what it stands for, what is does and how it had changed our journey into having baby number three. The only thing I am a little mad about was that I didn't know about this sooner as I would say it is a MUST have and would have fallen under one of those 'big ticket' items you purchase when you first have children that ends up getting passed down the line and used for all of them. 

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