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I have never been so inundated with messages wanting to know what we have done and how we have achieved the renovations in our home of our flooring and kitchen facelift... most importantly I will share my favorite part of renovations with you... the before and afters! 


When we first started looking into facelifting an area of the home our biggest hit list was always the kitchen. We love the layout of our kitchen and it works really well for what we need it for so I knew from the beginning we never wanted to change the layout of our kitchen.

With this in mind, we decided if we wanted to replace our cabinet doors or keep them. We decided to keep them as it kept costs down and I actually didn't mind the shape of them, they match all the doors in our home so it was a win-win. 

We decided to resurface the cabinets with 2-Pac paint; we used the company below. We sprayed the kitchen cabinets and panels with a Neutral Grey.
COST: $4000 

We were really torn with what to do with benches, we were on one hand going to just do a laminate benchtop and save the money but after having a chat with Nath and my Dad they pushed to look at Stone benchtops. I had always thought they would be out of our price range but was pleasantly surprised at the cost in the end. 
I originally looked at doing a quarts overlay on our existing benches and the cost to do this was $4600 which was way more than I expected. 

We went and got a quote at Nepean Stone and the cost for our stone benches are the Organic White color.

COST: $3400

Door Knobs: Matt Black Knobs
Sink & Tap: Piovana Sink + Piovana Tap
*we found ours on catch of the day so make sure you google and shop around when you find the sink you want. 
Gas Cooktop: Bunnings
Tiles: Tile Cloud
Microwave: KMART

OST: $1100


I have always disliked our flooring, there was nothing 'wrong' with it as such but it just wasn't my style. We had always said that if/when we did the kitchen we would do the flooring as well so we could just rip the bandaid off and get it all done. 

Originally we went to look at vinyl floorboards but upon going and looking we were advised to go with Hybrid Floorboards as they could be laid over the top of our existing tiles (with no prep work) and the process is a lot quicker and a lot less invasive. 

We did a bit of shopping around for our flooring and we ended up getting the best price from Carpetworld Pakenham they were incredible to deal with and the guys that came to install the flooring completed about 90% of it in one day!

We went with the Definitive Hybrid Range in the Coastal Blackbutt and were so happy with the results, it has completely transformed the feel of our home, it is so much warmer and has just really taken the style of our home to an entirely new level, it is so fresh, bright and cozy now. 

COST: $4500 


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August 08, 2020

It certainly wasn’t bad before but it looks absolutely gorgeous now!
I’m fairly certain that your house used to belong to an old work colleague of mine 😂😂 either that or you have identical layouts.

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