November 14, 2019

The master bedroom overhaul is finally complete!!! Look our room probably wasn't in dire straights - but I though a little revamp and upgrade to a king bed couldn't hurt anyone. I had for a long time wanted to upgrade our bed and mattress (it was about seven years old), Nathan was having some back issues so we dove headfirst into researching mattresses and also spoke to a few friends of ours who had upgraded their beds due to similar reasons. 

The verdict was to get a memory foam mattress, we went with Ecosa because I really liked their pricing, returns policy and also the fact that you could reconfigure the three layers inside the mattress to adjust the firmness of the mattress over time or according to our needs. 

 The first night was interesting, it was so strange going from a spring mattress to a foam mattress, but after a few nights, we were well and truly use to it.  We have been now sleeping on the Ecosa mattress for about two months and LOVE it!! Nathan doesn't wake up anymore with back pain and my back is feeling so much better! The mattress arrived as a medium/firm configuration and we haven't felt the need to change it. 

If you are in need of a new mattress I would highly recommend Ecosa, their customer service was second to none, delivery time was super quick and the quality and comfort of the mattress is incredible!!!  

Our bed frame is from Castlery (the link for the exact frame is below). They have kindly offered our readers 10% off storewide when you use the code FAWNANDFINCHfrom the 14th to the 28th of November. I have been so impressed with this bed frame it was so easy to put together and their customer service and delivery times were second to none!!!  




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All of our shoes are a ‘soft soled’ shoe up until the age of 2yrs. We have designed them to be this way as it is recommended that children wear soft-soled shoes until that age to promote natural foot development (this is of course unless you have been medically advised to place your child in a hard sole shoe). We source the highest quality leather so that your little one's feet are comfortable and protected from the elements.

Our entire range is created in a soft soled style up until our 2-3yr size. The soft-soled shoes are perfect for allowing the natural development of your little one's foot and come highly recommended from podiatrists to promote natural foot development.  Most of our range will have the same type of leather used on the top part of the shoe as the bottom (with the exception of some of our suede styled shoes). Our sandal range does have a leather sole with either suede soles or little grip pads sewn into them to assist in gripping when walking.



Please measure your little one's foot using our sizing page prior to ordering to ensure you get the right fit, we do suggest adding on 1 cm to their actual length to allow for growth and wiggle room. 

All below measurements are for the inner sole of the shoe.