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So after a few hundred DM's, I thought it would be best for me to put down all of the questions I receive in a blog and tell you all about my journey with Equalution a new meal plan I have been following for six weeks now. Please do know that this is not a 'paid' or 'sponsored' partnership that I have with Equalution I simply found them through a fellow Instagram account that I follow (Steph Pase- Just Another Mummy Blog; she's pretty flipping cool so head over and check her out if you haven't already). 

I have been following Equalution for six (going on seven weeks now and I have had the below results): 

Below is a little snapshot of what I ate for my first three weeks on the plan, this will give you an idea of the types of meals that are on the Equalution plans. 

Please know that everything I am drawing from is my experience, I am not a professional in this area and if you have any more questions please just let me know or you can contact the girls at Equalution. 

I am on the 'Weekly Strategised Macronutrients + Meal Plan' option, this plan costs me $75 per week and gives me the below: 

Macronutrients strategically calculated on a weekly basis. 
1x single meal plan option provided per week based on food preferences.
Weekly reassessment of progress based on measurement and photo analysis.
1x weekly check-in (via Facebook Messenger). 
1x weekly weigh in and measurements. 
Beginners guide on tracking your own calories and macronutrients (this is a PDF you get with your first meal plan). 

*please note all of their plans come with a six-week minimum sign up.

Once I receive the meal plan I do an online shop for all the food (I typically just multiply everything by 7 for the days of the week to get my bulk quantities) and cook it at home (all of the meals are really simple and take me no time at all to prepare!). If you are strapped for time you could always prep all of your meals at the start of the week or do a few every couple of days so that don't have to cook every day during the week. 
    I am on 1900 calories a day and my breakdown of macros does change weekly and is specifically strategized according to my goals

     It is 100% personalized when you sign up for the meal plan you are sent a questionnaire to fill in. It has hundreds of tick boxes that you check to say that you eat that food (from meats, fruits, and vegetables, spices, spreads, sauces etc). 

    You are also required to enter your weight, height, exercise frequency, your health and fitness goals (muscle gain, weight loss etc), your favorite treats, any dietary requirements you may have etc. 

    Seeing that all this information is custom to one person someone could technically follow your plan but they may not see any results as it's not tailored to them. I would strongly suggest just having your own plan and if a friend wanted to do it they can sign up and join you on the journey!

    Macro's/Macronutrients are what makes up the calorie count in foods. There are three macronutrients in nutrition: proteins, fats and carbs and are required for growth, metabolism and other bodily functions. There are foods that are more nutrient dense than others and while some foods are dominant in one macronutrient most foods typically contain at least 2 macronutrients. 

    This meal plan is centered around tracking the number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats you consume on a particular day. So it's not about how many calories are in your food, but what kind of calories are in your food. Even if you set a strict calorie limit and stick to it, you could be eating total garbage and not be getting the nutrients you need.

    I do, I have the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks) all week. 

    By filling in the initial questionnaire they have a pretty good idea of what foods you like to eat and foods that you don't enjoy eating. They also take into account your current weight (this information is given to them through the weekly check-in). 

    Absolutely! The plan is sent to you weekly in PDF so you can print them off and keep them on your fridge for the week. I have printed mine off and additionally put them into a plastic pocketbook to keep to use in the future. 

    I have been exercising 3-4 a week (sometimes 5 times) for 40-45minutes per session at a local boot camp  (Bodychange Bootcamp in Mornington). I do a mixture of weight sessions and cardio sessions within the week. 

    Most of the meals are quite 'kid' friendly. I wouldn't recommend following your guideline of how much you are eating and giving it to them but my kids have been eating some of the meals with me. Both of my girls are pickers and prefer to eat in a 'grazing' style so if I was, for instance having the chicken parma, chips and salad I would deconstruct the meal and give them grilled chicken, ham, cheese, chips, cucumber, tomato, blueberries, banana etc. 

    Not at all, the food is honestly so yummy that I look forward to each and every meal! Eating the same thing all week might not work for some people but I have found it to work for me. The cost of our food shops has gone down significantly, we use to spend $250-300 per week for everything for both my husband and I and the kids and now we are spending between $180-250 per week. Once you have a lot of the basic sauces etc the Equalution team use in the meal plans you find you can use them for multiple weeks. 

    I think this is working for me because the food is SO YUMMY and I get to have dessert EVERY NIGHT and still lose weight!!! I have done so many meal plans before this one and they were all great in their own respects and I did lose weight on them but most of those meal plans were tailored around a 1200-1300 calorie intake for the day so I was forever hungry and would be more inclined to stray from the meal plan due to being hungry. 

    I still go out for dinner and lunch every so often (maybe once a fortnight) and I just make sure that I choose something healthy on the menu ( I deconstruct the meal in My Fitness Pal e.g. if I ate a burger- 1x Beef Burger Patty, 1x Hamburger Bun, Lettuce, Tomato and a side of 1x Regular KFC chips etc.)  

    I try and order things that are basic and I can see all of the ingredients on the plate that have been used to make the meal (curries etc are very complex and contain a lot of ingredients so are hard to break down). 

    If you are unsure of what to order there is an option to have a social amendment made to your meal plan (this costs $20.00) and you can send through the menu of the place your attending, your food, drink and dessert preferences and the girls will work out the best option for you. 

    I am usually pretty good at sticking to a weight once I am at my goal weight and maintaining through healthy eating choices, exercise and just balance really. 

    There isn't a contract as such, most of their plans they offer come with a six-week minimum but that's really it. The only contingency that they ask is that you keep your meal plans for yourself and not share them around (as they are customized to you and you are the one purchasing the service). 

    Absolutely, all of my communications with the team at Equalution are online so you could 100% do the meal plan if you lived internationally. As long as you can source the food on your meal plan to cook it you can do it from anywhere!

    There is plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the meal plan and I additionally have an extra piece of fruit a day for some more fiber. 

    I have an almond milk small cappuccino most days and just pop it into my My Fitness Pal app (they are roughly 40-50calories which compared to a full cream one at 120 calories it's a much better option). You could also have a glass of wine just allow for it in your calorie intake for the day. 

    The macros are adjusted as I lose weight and they are different every week. The calorie intake hasn't changed. 

    I have been but I also don't miss out on things just because I am on a meal plan. Eating out and doing things like that is quite a bit part of socializing and when you are on a diet this can be where people come unstuck and make bad food choices. This meal plan is all about flexible dieting and tracking your intake so as long as your allowing for the intake when out into your allowance for the day it's not an issue. 

    Consistency and balance are the keys here so strive for progress and sustainability, not perfection!

    I have learned SO much from doing this meal plan, all of the information that is provided to you (in just the initial PDF/rundown alone) has changed my relationship with food 100%!!! I would always feel guilty if I had something 'naughty or yummy' when I was on other diets. I swear every week I look at the meal plan and think 'there is no way I am going to lose weight eating this every day' and every week I get on those scales and I have lost more weight!!!!

    The meal plan I am on is $75 per week, the lower plans don't get you as much (you can do the Month-to-Month option and that get you two meal plans to alternate between). I enjoy variety and so getting a new meal plan every week is what works for me. 

    I think it is expensive but for me, I needed to do this for myself. I spend money on my kids, my husband etc and needed to treat myself to ultimately make myself a better version! I have as I mentioned before saved money on our weekly shops doing this meal plan so it kind of all evens out in the wash. 

    Nope not at all, I have never eaten this much on a 'diet' in my entire life!

    Absolutely, one of my friends and her husband are doing the meal plans and the team at Equalution makes sure they have the same dinners so that they can eat and cook together. 

    My husband has been eating similar meals to mine but just having more or adding in extra things.

    Absolutely you can, again my friend is breastfeeding and she has just let the team at Equalution know and they allow for that in her macro breakdown and calorie intake for the day. She has been following the meal plans now for three weeks and her milk supply hasn't been affected at all!

    No, they don't supply the exercise, that's up to you to do. As mentioned above you let them know when you fill in the questionnaire how many times a week you are or plan on exercising and they allow for that in the plan they create. 

    There are plenty of home workouts you can do (Pinterest, You-Tube and other platforms alike are great places to find some basic home workouts). 

    The support from the team at Equalution has been AMAZING!!! They check my My Fitness Pal app every couple of days to make sure I am tracking ok and then they touch base with me via Messenger with any changes or tweaking I need to make to it. 

    I also check in with them once a week on a Friday to weigh in, take my measurements and put through any food requests for the coming week. I weigh myself and take all my own measurements at home and fill in the form they provided and send a picture of it too them so they can keep track of where I am at. 

    If I have any additional questions I just ask them via Messenger and they usually get back to me within the day. 

    Absolutely they do! Again this question is asked in the initial questionnaire but they are able to allow for many different dietary requirements you just need to communicate that with them. 

    The gorgeous team over at Equalution have very kindly given me a discount to pass onto anyone that ones to join up, use the code below at checkout to obtain a discount on your subscription. 



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    February 25, 2020

    So are the egg and bacon muffins from maccas and where do you’d get all the food just supermarket

    James Coleman
    James Coleman

    February 25, 2020

    Hi, I love this writeup. Even though it’s a year and a bit old, it’s still entirely relevant. I don’t think Equalution has changed that much, they’re still seeing great results with a proven technique.

    What my wife and I found though was it’s expensive (per week – groceries were okay), often we needed to get things from both Coles and Woolies, if we needed to modify a meal plan it could take a few hours to a day, there was no nice online interface (the app was okay, but it was mostly a PDF that was emailed) and it was the same thing, every day, for seven days.

    So my wife and I made Noshh ( an Australian focused meal planning website where you enter your details and you have a custom meal plan in seconds. It’s cheaper, quicker, you can swap meals instantly, and it has one click Woolworths integration, where you can add all ingredients to your online Woolworths cart – ready for delivery or click-and-collect.

    I understand this post was not sponsored by Equalution, however you’ve teamed up for a ‘discount code’ so I doubt you’ll approve my comment. However, I just wanted to share an alternative, which I think is okay?


    February 25, 2020

    I’ve googled the reviews For this company and they’re awful…. have you been paid as it appears they mention your own website business!!!


    June 25, 2019

    Thanks for this info, in particular what you ate, that was helpful to see. Thanks too for the other info which were the questions I had. Glad it’s working for you. I stumbled across this program today on an online news article.


    June 25, 2019

    Hello, Can you please update us as to how you are going…do you use a maintenance plan or go back to you original plan if you feel you are starting to gain again?


    April 24, 2019

    Thank you for this wonderful outline of your experience. I have been looking to buy for so long but have simply thought it too expensive. You have now convinced me to do it!


    March 03, 2019

    Thank you so much for this… all my questions answered. So grateful!! Do you still follow and how did you go with the rest of the plan?


    November 20, 2018

    Hi Fawn
    Loved reading your blog and well done with your weight loss.
    I found this really useful!!!
    Thank you 😁

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